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Comment: Deja vu all over again (Score 2) 111

Probably premature to say this, but it would be funny if Intel does to mobile processing and ARM what it did to Mac computers and RISC. For a long time the Mac-heads were constantly harping about how superior PowerPC was to anything in the Wintel world. And then suddenly everything was x86 again. It seems x86 is the technology that can't be killed.

Comment: So is he a replicant, or not? (Score 3, Informative) 222

by sideslash (#49146809) Attached to: Harrison Ford To Return In Blade Runner Sequel
(Spoiler alert: If you don't know this stuff, then... what are you doing on Slashdot?)

They'd better be careful how they handle this. It's supposed to be decades into the future, and thus after Deckard and Rachel are both supposed to be dead by their targeted end of life engineering as replicants. You know: "It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?"

Maybe he will be a different iteration of Deckard, i.e. another replicant clone or something.

Comment: Disturbing parallel: climate science and Islamism (Score -1, Flamebait) 297

by sideslash (#49005887) Attached to: Canadian Climate Scientist Wins Defamation Suit Against National Post
Both brook no dissent, both have used the courts to silence critics, or at least to embroil them in interminable legal battles, and both seem curiously lacking of any sense of humor. One individual who prevailed against a spurious lawsuit by Muslims in Canada and has pointed out this parallel is Mark Steyn. He's currently being sued by Michael Mann in the Washington DC court system. The fireworks have been exciting thus far, at least for people who are into that sort of thing, as Steyn not only has a legally reasonable position in my opinion, but is also one of the best writers of his generation in satire and political humor. It would be unwise to bet against him.

Comment: Are they real jobs? (Score 2, Insightful) 135

by sideslash (#48926851) Attached to: The American App Economy Is Now "Bigger Than Hollywood"
Keep in mind that many app developers put a huge amount of time and effort into developing their apps and publishing them, and then only see a small trickle of income. They just hover at the edges of the app economy desperately trying to catch their big break, while watching the big stars like Rovio rake in huge paychecks every day. Often they have to work side jobs like waiting tables to pay the bills while they dream of becoming stars in their own right. And sadly, the statistics suggest that most of them won't ever make it big.

Contrast that to Hollywood, where... uhh, nevermind. Carry on.

Comment: Re:Can we send his whole administration... (Score 1) 200

you've obviously never taken any time to research and come up with an original thought, let alone research anything to substantiate the trash you repeat from far right-wing nutbags

It's OK honey. Calm down or you'll blow a gasket. Let's pick one claim and substantiate it, shall we? In my post (on which you heaped such opprobrium), I claimed that Obama previously said he would lack legal authority to change immigration law on his own as president. Here's a source that doesn't fit the category of "right-wing nutbags" that claims the same, with quotes and links:

Note that this fact checker is disagreeing with a conservative count that Obama said this 20 times, and points out that only about 15 of them are solid examples. At any rate, it's not a one-off misunderstanding or misstatement, it's a solidly documented example of the president's lack of integrity. Wouldn't you agree, O Coward Without Cognomen?

Comment: Can we send his whole administration... (Score -1, Flamebait) 200

...out into the Solar System, not just to visit, but to stay? President Obama's arrogance and lawlessness is unprecedented in that office. He feels that the normal rules don't apply to him. The only way he can keep positive rapport with people is through these cynical and largely meaningless stunts like the "hour of code". His actual major accomplishments have been, and continue to be a disaster for the country.

I personally was in favor of Congress refusing him the "bully pulpit" of their hall for his SOTU address, and instead playing video recordings on a big screen of Senator Obama repeatedly saying that he would lack legal authority to change immigration law on his own as president. You know, since they lack the cohones to impeach him.

Comment: Most vocal Win8 haters aren't Windows users (Score 0) 489

by sideslash (#48850767) Attached to: Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time?
Most of the complaining about Windows 8 that I hear seems to be from people who don't use Windows (much) anyway, and instead use OS X or Linux.

Speaking as a software engineer who has always used Windows primarily, I think Windows 8 is a fantastic upgrade over Windows 7. I say that while acknowledging that the WinRT stuff is klunky on a non-touchscreen device, and admitting that most Windows 8 computers seem to be in that category.

However, Windows 8 still rules if for no other reason than the easy OS reset/reinstall/wipeout feature. I can now tell my friends and relatives who infect themselves with malware to just back up their files, reset with strong prejudice, and off they go again to download more viruses. It's a profound advancement that directly benefits the unwashed masses.

Comment: Re:Very disturbed by tag "writeorexecute" (Score 2) 84

by sideslash (#48811501) Attached to: OpenBSD's Kernel Gets W^X Treatment On Amd64

In english "or" does have the connotation you describe.

I would say it "does sometimes" have that connotation. Addressing an invalid in bed: "Can you sit or stand?" Obviously in order to stand they will first sit up, but we don't know whether they can do both. I'm sticking with my theory that while writing the summary and tags, an editor accidentally executed it, as usual. :)

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