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Comment Re:What's with all the awkward systemd command nam (Score 1) 727

Aliases are not realy a fix you can not reliably write shell script with them and stay portable.

Huh? Of course you can, you just define the aliases at the beginning of the file.

And, of course, there may well be built-in aliases, especially for commands that have well-known historical names. PowerShell does exactly this - for example, "Get-ChildItem" is aliased as "ls" out of the box, and "Copy-Item" is aliased as "cp".

Comment Re:It's not about the crime (Score 3, Insightful) 258

If what you propose would become a reality, it sounds like any person who has had a sexual relationship could then be accused of rape, and, so long as the mere fact of intercourse is proven, would basically be considered guilty by default unless they can show some proof of consent. Do you not see the obvious and incredible potential of abuse here?

FWIW, as far as your analogies go, I don't think they're correct, either. If I go to the local convenience store and buy something, and then later accuse the shopkeeper of stealing my money, I very much doubt that any court would entertain the notion that the shopkeeper should prove on preponderance of evidence that the transfer was voluntary, and that if he is unable to do so, he gets locked up for robbery.

Comment Re:She deserves to be in prison (Score 1) 303

The alternatives to Hillary are either Bernie Sanders or someone from the republican clown car. I can't see Bernie getting elected, and, well, the ones in the clown car frankly scare the hell out of me. We will be right back in the ditch Bush drove us in, except it will be twenty foot deeper with Donald Trump's wall around it to make damn sure we don't get out again!

First of all, this is not a valid reason to ignore clearly harmful, and potentially criminal conduct.

But in any case, what makes you believe Sanders cannot get elected? Getting him through the primaries with Hillary in there is problematic, yes, but in the general election? Especially if it really is vs Trump (which at this point I think is not at all unlikely)?

Comment Re:Actually, the truth is somewhat different. (Score 1) 1034

Yes, you're not Vox Day. You're his minion. He speaks with your voice, and you do his bidding with your hands.

Even if you claim that is not the case - like Correia, Torgersen etc did - your actions, and, most importantly, their results, have shown otherwise.

Past a certain point, there is no sense in distinguishing between the Sads and the Rabids. It's like trying to separate CCC from KKK - sure, there is a difference, but what matters in the end is that both are racist and act as such. Same thing here.

Comment Re:Actually, the truth is somewhat different. (Score 1) 1034

All I see is a bunch of whining by the very people who organized the stacking. That the stacking happened is so obvious to anyone who followed the events that I won't even bother addressing that: you're either horribly misinformed, or else deliberately lying to maximize the damage. Given the nature of the Vox minion crowd, probably the latter.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1034

Vox Day has pretty much openly stated that his slate is a nuclear response to the imaginary "left wing conspiracy" that doesn't award the authors that he likes. As I recall, he pretty specifically said that he intends to burn Hugo down to the ground and make sure that it's meaningless, if it doesn't conform to his wishes. Terrorism is actually an apt analogy: utilizing fear and threats to force your target to commit to some political issue. Obviously, Vox is not terrorist (well, not on that count; based on his other writings, he may well be a closeted one who hasn't decided to take up arms yet). But the logic of "you do not deal with terrorists" is fully applicable here. Do it once, and you'll be doing it for the rest of your life, because the threats will never stop.

Comment Re:Actually, the truth is somewhat different. (Score 1) 1034

OP is talking about the nomination votes, not the award votes.

The award votes were a backlash from the fandom after the nomination votes got stacked so badly. It is groupthink, in a sense that any ostracism is a kind of "groupthink". It doesn't mean that it isn't warranted or legitimate.

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