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Comment: Re:It is all pork barrel politics (Score 1) 298

by shutdown -p now (#47977797) Attached to: US Revamping Its Nuclear Arsenal

This exact scenario has been rehashed in more than one fiction book that I've read.

By the way, you can think even further outside the box. Rich people don't just have yachts, they also have private planes. How much screening do those go through when they enter US airspace? And how devastating would an air explosion over a populated city be?

Comment: Re:DAESH, not ISIL (Score 2) 375

by shutdown -p now (#47977017) Attached to: US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria

My understanding is that "Daesh" omits the "Islamic" part of the name.

Either way, it seems to piss off the mujis when they hear themselves being referred to under that name, to the point that any local heard using it in the areas controlled by them is punished. Given that they clearly hate it, I'm all for using it on that basis alone, regardless of what it means.

Comment: Re:There are numerous other obvious flaws (Score 1) 262

by shutdown -p now (#47969411) Attached to: Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

(including the Russians who would have called us out on it had we obviously been filming on a sound stage

FWIW, most Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that Soviets were in on the scam, either because they were bribed (a common theme claims food shipments were the bribe, thereby "explaining" why the USSR didn't have any more devastating famines),

Comment: Re:temporary vs permanent visas (Score 1) 252

This! Except for:

They're not so great for either the temporary workers or other potential competitors in the labor market, because they are tied until the sponsoring employer *may at its discretion* apply for permanent residence status. Note in this case success is by no means assured, and may take up to two years.

Two years? If you're a lucky one, I suppose that's true. I'm looking at about 4 years right now, and I know some guys from India for whom it's more like 6, and I believe even that's not the worst.

Comment: Re:Don't buy/invest in mainland China (if you can) (Score 1) 190

by shutdown -p now (#47956759) Attached to: Why a Chinese Company Is the Biggest IPO Ever In the US

Did you see the stats for the growth of their middle class over the past 15 years or so?

I'm not disputing that the country is ardently capitalist and has tightly guarded elite circles. But for most people in there, that's not where they are aiming for. What they want is basically just comfortable living, and their standard for it is getting pretty close to what the West enjoys. And with every new generation, there are millions more actually enjoying it - even though there's still hundreds of millions locked out. But for now, the trend is good.

Comment: Re:Middle class will moderate China -- debunked id (Score 2) 190

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That was the Nixon/Kissinger theory of the 1960s/70s. It was used to cut China all sort of political and economic slack. It was proven wrong by the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Was it, though? China circa 1960s/70s was a totalitarian dictatorship where Tiananmen square was an impossibility simply because any dissent would be crushed long before it would get to mass protest stage, and the yearly number of victims was far greater, too. Compared to China after Tiananmen, the latter is far more liberal. It's even more liberal today.

If you want a better China then the US should treat China as China treats the US. Have reciprocal economic and trade policies, punitive measures for egregious behavior, ... No more cutting them slack hoping they will moderate over time, no more treating them like they are an impoverished developing nation,

I did not suggest doing such a thing. The best thing you can do is just trade (and yes, this doesn't preclude e.g. tariffs to even out the price of labor differences, environmental concerns etc).

Comment: Re:Don't buy/invest in mainland China (if you can) (Score 1) 190

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As Chinese economy grows, so does its middle class. As its middle class grows, it demands more democratic reforms and more government responsibility - ultimately, a way to better China, for both its people and its neighbors.

So if you want a better China, you should do the exact opposite of what you're doing.

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There's literally nothing I can do to prevent some moron raiding his mother's arsenal and killing my kid if that's how he wants to end his life.

If you read the news headlines less and statistical data more, you'd know that the chances of that happening are far, far lower than your kid being hit by a school bus, or drowning in your pool. You might as well worry about him dying in the next 9/11.

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