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Comment: A lot depends on size of the monitor (Score 1) 194

by Sycraft-fu (#48442765) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

The bigger it is, the wider that is useful. Basically you find that you need a certain amount of vertical real estate to work effectively. So on a small screen like a laptop, a 4:3, or even more square, monitor can be of use. However when you start getting large desktop displays, wide is very nice. Personally I like 16:10 displays for the desktop, in part because I find them aesthetically pleasing (likely because they are near the golden ratio) but also because for the large sizes I like (30" currently) it provides a good amount of vertical real estate, but plenty of horizontal to fill my field of view and allow for multiple things to be displayed at once.

For TV, heck I could go even more than 16:9 if such a thing were standard. I was always partial to 1.85:1 3 perf and 2:1 Superscope for movies myself.

Comment: Re:Arm Ukraine (Score 1) 100

by shutdown -p now (#48442535) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

The conflict with Russia will never truly end. Even if Ukraine can take back all the lands that it has lost, and expel all Russian troops and sympathizers among the local populace, there will always be a looming threat of a repeat so long as Russia exists as the state that is inherently imperial, land-gathering in nature.

Comment: Re:Go asymmetric -- tank vs anti-tank rocket (Score 1) 100

by shutdown -p now (#48442529) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

They celebrate as a great victory the drowning of the Teutonic Knights by sinking them into a frozen river under the weight of Russian corpses FFS.

If you mean the Battle of the Ice, there's nothing in the mainstream historiography about it that involves "weight of Russian corpses" or anything like that. Quite the opposite, the ice supposedly cracked under the weight of heavily armored Teuton knights, when they were trying to flee across the lake.

Comment: Re:Go asymmetric -- tank vs anti-tank rocket (Score 1) 100

by shutdown -p now (#48442525) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

You misinterpret history. Russians will endure great sacrifice to defend *Russian* soil. They won't tolerate the same to take over a part of the Ukraine.

Thing is, a historical perspective on this that has always been present in Russia, and that has been enjoying a very strong resurgence lately, is that Ukraine is Russian soil.

Comment: Re:Thats science for you .... (Score 1) 114

by sjames (#48441953) Attached to: Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood

Alas, if you DON'T ask, you'll still get the recommendations and even scolding if you ignore the unwanted advice.

Further, 'they' will continue dispensing that advice even as the evidence piles up against it. They won't stop giving that advice until they find an excuse to tell people they must not eat something else that most people enjoy.

To add to the fun, the 'science' behind all of these food and drug fads just isn't there.

Comment: "Low food" doesn't work either (Score 1) 114

by melted (#48441933) Attached to: Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood

All of this has been studied in great detail in the area of sports nutrition. All those athletes whose physiques we all admire eat a lot of food, and they do also eat a lot of carbs. The key to weight loss is two fold:

1. Maintain a _moderate_ caloric deficit given your level of physical activity. Moderate means no more than 300-500 calories deficit per day. You go over that (or go on a diet for too long) and your metabolism adapts to the new calorie intake. Life starts to suck, you have no energy, you get sick more easily.
2. Eat a balanced diet. That includes carbs. If you're physically active, eat 40% of your daily carb intake immediately after you exercise.

Easy right? Nope. #1 requires counting calories. Both #1 and #2 require you to consume meals you've pre-cooked yourself and carried with you, you can't just eyeball the balance of nutrients or calorie contents in a restaurant. That's mostly how athletes get their physiques (the other 40% of it being hard-ass training routine and genetics). Anyone can do it, very few people bother. It's much easier to yo-yo diet on a diet du jour, even though it doesn't help.

Comment: Re:I call bullshit (Score 1) 100

by dunkelfalke (#48441889) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

Soviet constitution which was the basic law of USSR.
First, Crimea turning into an autonomous republic within Ukraine was already contrary to the referendum since restoring the Crimean ASSR would be restoring it as part of RSFSR.

Second, even if we would let my first point slide, Soviet constitution clearly states that an autonomous republic can only exists within an union republic. If Ukraine is no longer a part of the union, this notion doesn't work anymore. This is what has caused the war in Abkhasia in 1992.

Third, here is just one of several examples of using force to keep Crimea on a tight leash through the years. They have tried to become independent several times through the years and were regularly screwed by Ukraine. No wonder they seized the opportunity now.

You fail your history. Have your parents acknowledge your "F" by next week.

Hm, must be a recent and traumatising experience for you, trying to project it on me in such a detail. Let me tell you something, kiddo. I went to schools and universities in several countries. None of these used letters for marks. Have left my parents' basement several decades ago and one day you will grow up and do the same and see the big and very diverse world out there. But until then, get off my lawn.

Comment: Re: So low carb vindicated again (Score 1) 114

by bill_mcgonigle (#48441817) Attached to: Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood

hey, it reduces end-of-life welfare costs by killing off the population more quickly. The "food pyramid" is good policy if you're a sociopathic bankrupt program.

I got a full blood panel before and after doing a ketosis diet for four months. All my numbers were much better, but to be succinct my total relative risk metric for coronary heart disease (1.0 is average) fell from 0.8 to 0.3. I was using a half gallon of heavy cream and several cups of coconut oil every week. Some bacon and steaks too. Plenty of nuts and cheese.

Most people see similar results. None of these blood tests are new science. All of these studies could have been done in 1980. I wonder if they were.

Comment: Re:Thats science for you .... (Score 1) 114

by angel'o'sphere (#48441813) Attached to: Doubling Saturated Fat In Diet Does Not Increase It In Blood

Actually, what scientists say is well known since 30 or more years (I'm 47 and know most of that stuff since minimum 30 years!).

Actually most misinformation comes from the US like the climate change denying ...

Bottom line it is super easy to love healthy ... just google for it and get a damn education! (to tired to repeat all the posts I made on this topic already and getting flamed)

Comment: Re:Unnatural aspect ratio (Score 1) 194

by hey! (#48441543) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

There's no such thing as a "natural" aspect ratio, because sitting with your eyes glued to a monitor isn't what we evolved to do.

Years of designing software have taught me one thing, which is that interfaces have to suit the task. When I'm writing or reading, I like a vertically oriented monitor. When I'm watching a movie, I like wide aspect ratio monitor. When I'm programming, I like a moderate aspect ratio landscape monitor, but very, very big. Bigger than I'd want to read a book on or watch a movie on.

So every monitor used for every kind of task is necessarily a compromise, but some monitors may be just the thing for a certain task. Maybe there's a task or mix of tasks where an 19" x 19" sqauare is a good compromise, or a single task where it's ideal. They seem to be pitching it at CAD users. I can see that. I've got my bridge drawings in a rectangular area on screen, but I still have another generous rectangular area for property sheets, tool palletes etc. When I'm working on my tower I arrange things into vertical rectangles.

Or this thing could be a nutty idea in search of a use. But there's probably one out there.

Comment: Re:I call bullshit (Score 2) 100

by dunkelfalke (#48441429) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

Well, and by the same law that has created an independent Ukraine in 1991, Crimea should have been an independent country as well, given that they have declared their sovereignty almost a year earlier but were basically forced to remain in Ukraine by the military threat.

This is not Moscow propaganda, just a little history lesson. It is interesting that you don't know it, given that you've previously mentioned being an Ukrainian yourself. Could it be that you are but a kid yet? That would fit the whole picture about you very well indeed.

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