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Comment: Modified Morse Code anyone? (Score 1) 137

by shutdown -h now (#953918) Attached to: One-Finger Keyboarding?
Perhaps a slightly modified Morse Code is in order. We can add some formatting characters and a couple of slight hacks to good ol' Morse's Code and we have a very easy to use interface for wearables that does not require the user to look at what they're typing.

The use of a sticky key code can allow for character combinations. Uppercase and lowercase could be handled either contextually by the computer or through a modified capslock/shift combo code. For caps lock we use sticky key code + shift code, for shift key we use shift code (which by the nature of it's intended use should be defaulted to sticky)

I can imagine now, people everywhere absent mindedly tapping out emails and writing down notes while walking down the street. The additional benefit of only needing to learn a few additional modified codes if you already know Morse Code (and *who* doesn't know Morse Code?) allows for users to adapt quickly to the interface as well as learn a useful (if albeit slightly modified) standard already in place.

Dan O'Shea

The Ghost of Samuel Morse looks kindly upon thee...

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