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Neal Stephenson Takes Blame For Innovation Failure 448

itwbennett writes "Neal Stephenson is shouldering some of the blame for discouraging budding scientists and engineers, saying in a interview that perhaps the dark turn science fiction has taken is 'discouraging budding scientists and engineers.' For his part, Stephenson has vowed to be more optimistic. From the article: 'Speaking before a packed lecture theater at MIT yesterday, Neal Stephenson worried that the gloomy outlook prevalent in modern science fiction may be undermining the genre's ability to inspire engineers and scientists. Describing himself as a "pessimist trying to turn himself into an optimist," and acknowledging that some of his own work has contributed to the dystopian trend, he added "if every depiction of the future is grim...then it doesn't create much of an incentive to building the future."'"

Comment Re:Take into account human nature (Score 1) 372

I read about this iPad keyboard trick recently.

If you drag from the "123" button on the keyboard, it will temporarily show the keyboard for numbers and symbols. Move your finger to the key you want and release. The character will be typed and the first keyboard will return.

The iPhone keyboard has a similar trick that when you drag from, say, the key for the exclamation point and comma. Drag from it and you can quickly type an apostrophe. Many keys do this.

I practiced with b$str0ngm@n for a few seconds and I think I could get used to typing it on a regular basis with a minimal hit in speed.

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