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Comment: Builder = Business != Individual (Score 4, Insightful) 716

by shri (#46223149) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Fix Bugs They Cause On Their Own Time?

The analogy is incorrect. The builder is often the business owner and it is the business that is paying to remedy the defects. If the mechanic at a car dealer got something wrong, it would be the car dealership's problem, not the employee's problem (he could get fired .. but he would not have to pay for the replacement - assuming this was a sanely run business).

Costs of bugs / fixes etc are built into the product development cycle.

Would be another story if you came into office drunk and added a whole lot of code that then needed to get fixed. i.e. You were personally negligent and should be held liable for your actions (in my opinion).

Comment: Re:Resurrecting (Score 1) 2219

by shri (#46182361) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Developing a community will take time. It is a percentages game .... 100% will visit, 1% of that will contribute, 1% of the contributors will submit articles.

So do the math and see if it is worth it.

You've got the star power to pull together a few hundred people. That is a better starting point than most people would have.

Quite happy to help with the stack and hosting, and other issues you may have, although I suspect you will not need help.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 2219

by shri (#46181857) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

>> I may not have a 4 digit id, but I have a 5 digit one. Please listen to the voices of experience here.

4 or 5 does not matter. What matters is that there is a core group of contributors ("Audience") that does not like what they see.

I am all for good design, good typography and have no problems with Javascript. What I have a problem with is that there is a design issue which I wish I could look at and go ... "fix this".

Something just does not feel right with the new site ... too much white space, specially on large screen iMac / 4K type monitors. The white space is distracting, the scrolling is tedious, the fact that I cannot see comment summaries is a problem - these comments often have hidden gems which add to the experience as a reader.

I'm not saying design for Lynx or Amiga ... design for the user. I wish they had put in some analytics which they could share .... "0.01% of our users browse on Lynx ... 0.0001% of the users who browse on Lynx contribute" type justifications. Right now, it seems like a design team that never really used the site, which was not a part of the community went out and wordpressed / huffpo'ed the site. (saw this comment on another thread and loved it...)

Comment: Civil issue .. not exactly "criminally illegal" (Score 4, Interesting) 166

by shri (#46095843) Attached to: Quentin Tarantino Vs. Gawker: When Is Linking Illegal For Journalists?

From what I gather this is a civil issue. Not a criminal issue. Would you post links to Google maps pointing people to houses in your neighbourhood that are not locked? Sure there is some vague journalistic value to posting such links... but there is also an issue of responsibility.

Comment: Re:Where's Harry Raddick? (Score 1) 98

by shri (#44579061) Attached to: Amazon Selects Their Favorite Fake Customer Reviews

Classics included:

An admirably thorough guide to the tools of the production-line meat processing trade. The superb colour photographs particularly made it a perfect gift for my 15 year old daughter who is showing alarming signs of not becoming vegetarian.

Smith and Stybbard have written a gem in this book. It's certainly helped me to take control of my dog's idiosyncratic toilet habits. My pug Grendel now dances to my tune, be it on walks, in the garden or merely impressing friends and family. A word of caution - take care when choosing your "command words" and "smart phrases" to avoid words your dog is likely to hear on the television. It took 4 episodes of Ali McBeal before I realised that my "full evacuation" command was in the theme song.

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