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Comment: Re:The problem is that too much of it is state bas (Score 1) 131

Being in the field, I would like to add that transition to private industry might be more difficult for biomedical researchers as compared to engineers. Private employers are mainly pharma, some agriculture. Most employment trajectories leave research and even the biomedical field entirely. That being said, the standards for getting a PhD seem rather low nowadays (Europe/US) such that a tightening of standards could potentially lead to a virtuous circle (less researchers, better quality -> better research -> higher standards).

Comment: Boring and irrelevant (Score 1) 224

by shrewdsheep (#46600721) Attached to: Introducing a Calendar System For the Information Age
The next calendar system is as boring and irrelevant as the next programming language. Time is defined and measured by the passing of base unit (say a second) which can be counted. A calendar system is a surface on top of that unit. Make your pick but please do not bother others with your *better* new system.

+ - Valve Open Sources Their DirectX to OpenGL Layer

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "A bit surprisingly, Valve Software has uploaded their Direct3D to OpenGL translation layer onto GitHub as open source. It is provided as-is and with no support, with an open license that allows you to do pretty much anything with it. Taken directly from the DOTA2 source tree, the translation layer supports limited subset of D3D 9.0c, bytecode-level HLSL to GLSL translator, and some SM3 support. It will require some tinkering to get it to compile, and there is some hardcoded Source-specific stuff included. The project might bring some value to developers who are planning to port their product from Windows to Linux."

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by shrewdsheep (#46044093) Attached to: Studies Say Earth Won't Die As Soon As Thought
There are other limiting factors eventually causing life to go extinct. One important is CO2 which is absorbed into the oceans and recirculated by volcanic activity driven by radioactivity. Radioactivity will cease in about 500 mio yrs, IIRC, which is when life will end due to scarcity of CO2.

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by shrewdsheep (#46012975) Attached to: Linux 3.13 Released

Probably because of the extremely high performance requirements. There's a lot of packets going through a 10Gbit interface and if you run some Python code for each of them you're gonna choke the machine.

This does not seem to be an argument. Any language (maybe with some restriction) could be compiled to the appropriate byte code/assembly.

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FYI, it is very easy to add a users group on Debian/Ubuntu. Having used both systems, I like to have a users group and a group per user. It gives much more fine grained control over things.

This. I am an OpenSUSE user and for me it is the best distro overall (polished, great infrastructure: BuildService, ...). The user/group management is very annoying though. I ended up writing my own scripts to support this as the command line tools do not even have any such option. Once I brought this up in the forums. Unfortunately, reactions were quite negative. Please make this an option (even if it's only on the command line).

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by shrewdsheep (#17366726) Attached to: GNUstep Project Gets New Chief Maintainer
In terms of capabilites Qt and GNUstep/Cocoa are equivalent (roughly). The beauty of ObjC (the language underlying GNUstep/Cocoa), however, is its simplicity yet power which dwarfs C++ quite substantially in terms of ergonomics. If you are not familiar with ObjC you can best compare it with Java. As a matter of fact the Java environment is quite inspired by OPENSTEP which was developed jointly by NeXT and Sun, after which Sun moved to Java and eventually dropped OPENSTEP (for no good reason ;).

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