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Comment: Re:Your pro-censorship stance (Score 1) 127 127

I have been a member of Fark (and most of the time a paying member of Total Fark) for almost 12 years now, and apparently I was "shadowbanned" recently. I have been banned for a day or two once before, for good reason. This time, I have no idea why this happened. Last week I tried repeatedly to post comments and they quit showing up. No reason given. I sent feedback, and never got a response. I agree with and can verify personally most of the negative comments on here about the site. Fortunately, my TF subscription ran out a couple of days ago, and I'm never going back. You, Mr. Curtis, are a fucking piece of shit asshole. Sincerely, show me, former TFer.

Comment: Re:Charging at every Gas Station. (Score 2) 229 229

Has GM looked into developing a partnership with any of the major gas station chains (Exxon/Mobil/BP) to provide recharging services? If a quick charger was as ubiquitous as a gas pump I think it would go along way to defeating range anxiety when traveling long distances.

Yes, putting very high voltage/current sources which a consumer has to connect and disconnect to a car in close proximity to volatile gasoline is such a grand idea.

Comment: Re:temperature control (Score 1) 189 189

Also, you have to be careful with the algorithms you use for a thermostat. As an example, you don't want something that will allow switching off your A/C and then switching it back on in 10 seconds. You can ruin a compressor (relatively expensive hardware) like that.

+ - Google Releases Android Studio 1.0, The First Stable Version Of Its IDE 1 1

An anonymous reader writes: After two years of development, Google today released Android Studio 1.0, the first stable version of its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) aimed solely at Android developers. You can download the tool right now for Windows, Mac, and Linux from the Android Developer site. Google first announced Android Studio, built on the popular IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE, at its I/O Developer conference in May 2013. The company's pitch was very simple: this is the official Android IDE.

+ - What is Nothing? 7 7

Paul Fernhout writes: Fraser Crain explores the issue of "Whether there any place in the Universe where there's truly nothing?". That article is also discussed at One comment there by Evgenij Barsoukov uses the rules for finding mathematical limits to compute the probability of the Universe coming into spontaneous existence out of absolute nothingness at 0.6....

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