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Comment Re:SJW (Score 0) 229

Just to be clear, there is no innate natural law that we are all guaranteed free speech. Throughout history people have silenced others that they disagree with, by many means up to and including killing them. In the United States, what is meant when we say we are guaranteed to a right of free speech is limited to being *mostly* guaranteed that the government is not supposed to interfere with our right to free speech. It doesn't apply to other individuals or groups. If you stand on someone's private property (including their online property) and spout hatred toward them there is nothing in the law to keep them from kicking you out.

Comment Re:1-to-1 loss, bad math (Score 2) 261

If I'm walking down the hall at work and somebody offers me a free donut, there's a pretty good chance I'd take it even if it's not my favorite kind. But put that very same donut for sale at a typical donut price, then I'd be much less likely to purchase it because likely it's not the flavor I want and/or I don't really feel like a donut at that time, at least not enough to part with cash for it.

But does eating that donut fill you up and make you decide to not buy a donut yourself when you otherwise would have? Then it's still a lost sale.

Comment Re:Visual Studio + g++ || Clang (Score 1) 889

Oh my God yes. I worked for a consulting firm that specialized in PowerBuilder front ends with Sybase as the backend in the early '90s and saw the whole thing go down.

MS: Hey Sybase, let's form a partnership!

Sybase: You want little old us to partner with the most powerful software company in the world? Hell yes!

MS: Just let us make our own version of your database for ahem, fun, you know, and we'll call it MS SQL Server. Just to get it spread wide, and get it known, you understand.

Sybase: Uh, well, I guess, Okay.

...time passes, MS knows all the secrets to the Sybase database...

MS: Hey, nice knowing you, we got all your stuff now, bye, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Comment Re:Do doctors still use them? (Score 1, Informative) 179

Just so you know.. those devices are unreliable unless calculated weekly.

Two doctor visits ago, I showed a 175/110. I panicked... they panicked. They got a stethoscope and I was 122/78.

Last doctor visit, they were no longer using the electronic devices and had gone back to stethoscopes.

Wow, where do I begin. First of all, you mean "calibrated," not calculated. Also, stethoscopes are not used to check blood pressure, sphygmomanometers are.

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