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Comment Re:Not Totalitarian (Score 5, Interesting) 75

Actually, I lived in then Yugoslavia, and we actually thought that both USSR and US (for handling of black people, supporting juntas everywhere) are "weirdo" countries on radical political corners, and we are normal people in the middle of the road. Now, with all info I have, I still think that was pretty accurate description of what was going on. Calling Yugoslavia "dictatorship" or even "totalitarian" is laughable for people who lived there.

Comment Packages = Win (Score 2) 382

Also, one of the main double-plus-good stuff in Java is concept of packages and jars. Anyone dealing with header files and libs (not to mention issues when libs are created by different compilers on different platforms) will know what I am talking about. If C++ in next iteration copy this concept and ditch header files, it will be greatest improvement in C++ ever.

Comment Re:Easier to learn != easier to use (Score 2) 382

For each one of you wanting operator overloading, there are 1000 other programmers dealing with large legacy codebases, happy Java DO NOT support operator overloading, functions outside classes, classes placed in different directory then they supposed to be, generics to the point of Obfuscated Code Contest everywhere, all the time.

Comment Not Hard To Imagine (Score 3, Interesting) 172

If you accept this universe is simply mathematical function, weirdnes goes away. Function, that is itself probably intersection of multiple functions, some of them being evaluated backwards of what we percieve as "time", therefore creating weird effects in our perceived direction of time. Actually, laws of physics in not all that interesting to me (beyond some level), because physics is going after "particles" and "forces" that happen to be in this function, describing this universe. There is infinite number of other configuration. Function y = sin(x) exists just like our universe, so does set of integer numbers or PI.

If "universe" is locally predictable in one direction (which becomes "axis of time"), then self-replicating features (life) can emerge. In the case of our universe, there is atomic/molecular level complex and yet locally perfectly predictable, that enabled (under "perfect circumstances"?) life forms. atomic/molecular level isolates low level quantum weirdness. After all, life doesn't care if this function is predictable at ALL levels, molecular level is enough, and it happens to be good for many other reasons. There is so many random things needed for universe to sustain life, that probably insignificantly small portion of functions has any self-replicating (living) features, let alone intelligent.

Why should I be surprised by weirdness of quantum world then? It never needed to be predictable in our direction of time.

Comment EU rules? (Score 2) 392

I think it would increasingly create problems with EU legislation not to have USB port on telephone (AFAIK, so far they are circumventing this using adaptor, which is risky move with regulators). And USB-C is finally "good enough" for them not to push too hard on this, for banning iPhone in EU altogether would be a nightmare for them.

Comment Anthropic principle (Score 0) 138

Anthropic principle can be applied here. If birds had teeth, they would evolve into mammal-eaters and pose great threat to any mamal that lives above surface. It is hard to imagine human evolution in such circumstances. Basically, if birds had teeth, there would be nobody intelligent to observe them. It is one of many unlikely random events in nature (including many constants physics) that is somehow biased towards our existence.

Eric Schmidt: To Avoid NSA Spying, Keep Your Data In Google's Services 281

jfruh writes Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told a conference on surveillance at the Cato Institute that Edward Snowden's revelations on NSA spying shocked the company's engineers — who then immediately started working on making the company's servers and services more secure. Now, after a year and a half of work, Schmidt says that Google's services are the safest place to store your sensitive data.

Sony Pictures Leak Reveals Quashed Plan To Upload Phony Torrents 130

retroworks writes Motherboard.vice offers an interesting scoop from the hacked Sony Pictures email trove. A plan championed by Polish marketing employee Magda Mastalerz was to upload false versions of highly-pirated Sony programming, effectively polluting torrent sites with false positives. For example, a "Hannibal"-themed anti-piracy ad to popular torrent sites disguised as the first episode. Sony Pictures legal department quashed the idea, saying that if pirate sites were illegal, it would also be illegal for Sony Pictures to upload onto them. There were plans in WW2 to drop phony counterfeit currency to disrupt markets, and I wonder why flooding underground markets with phony products isn't widespread. Why don't credit card companies manufacture fake lists of stolen credit card numbers, or phony social security numbers, for illegal trading sites? For that matter, would fake ivory, fake illegal porn, and other "false positives" discourage buyers? Or create alibis?

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