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Comment Re:Which aspect ratio? (Score 1) 267 267

New models were recreated for Babylon 5 The Lost Tales (2007), which was done on yet another small budget. If warner wanted to do some HD/Bluray releases, the CGI could be updated - even the blue/green screen stuff could be cleaned up significantly. Lost Tales CGI example

Comment Re:What is the difference? (Score 1) 203 203

They're complaining about sales from online retailers outside of the country. Anything bought from an online Australian website charges GST (unless you're ordering from outside of the country IIRC). Anyhow it's the big retailers pushing for this, that once undercut the local independent 'mum & dad' business, as they can bulk order from wholesalers, and return goods if they're not sold. They also decimated the manufacturing industry here, by sourcing cheaper goods abroad. To claim the consumer is un-australian for getting the better deal, after their shit for the last 20 or so years, is ludicrous.

Comment disappointed (Score 1) 196 196

Didn't even make it to Australia. Looking for a replacement for my Nokia 5800 (Great phone, but nothing from Nokia in regards to accessories and being almost ignored a month or two past it's original sale here), I was interested in seeing this phone making it to Australia for sale, outright free from a plan, Android phone with dedicated support from Google. Instead, we have the HTC Desire (a Nexus One with a few extra buttons, exclusive to one carrier here), which will probably be a flavour of the month phone, until the next HTC is pimped out. It's been the same with a few other smart phones getting ignored here. As a result I've sold out to the Fruit Phone, outright, on the basis of it won't be a flavour phone of the month by the manufacture, and pretty much rules the accessory market. I was hoping the Google would of done the same with the Nexus One, along the lines of the fruit company.

Comment Re:Oh for the love of.. (Score 5, Insightful) 139 139

Please we're the most subdued and docile population in the world. Other countries riot and go to the streets for less than what's been pulled on the Australian population in the past. Sure we'll be outraged for about 24 hours then back to business as usual.

Comment Mass Effect 2 (Score 1) 223 223

This was in Mass Effect 2 - Called the Cerbus Network card, basically you'll get a heap of DLC with it, which expands the game by a great length. It costs IIRC 1500 Microsoft Points on XBOX Live to buy a code with it, obviously for people who purchase the game second. The bad thing is EA is now releasing DLC that require you to use MS Points regardless if you have the Network Pass card or not - (See Alternative appearance/Weapons packs, which dubious value to the game compared to the network pass content anyway).

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 281 281

This is generally the way it is with Roles/Certs in Australia. Even if it's on the company policy to reimburse for certifications, local group managers will usually have other ideas, and make it difficult for you so it might take 2 years for someone to hit out their CCNA. Also, any sort of training for certs, they do pay for usually goes to people that do not require it, or aren't interested in obtaining it. My current work place recently put a number of people in QA stat reporting roles, on CCNA course training, while people in groups involved with Cisco gear, hanging out for it were denied. The training money comes from the same bucket also in this case. I did my whole Cisco certs from CCNA - CCIE off my own back, after getting the run around from a previous employer changing their mind whether they would assist or not. It's not uncommon for others in the networking industry to be in the same boat.

Comment Re:Available information content... (Score 1) 951 951

I agree, if you have a finite and reasonable number of possible errors, the puppy/colored box idea should work great as long as each different error icon is unique enough (i.e., a puppy icon and a kitten icon would be fine, but I would avoid different types of puppies...the user will remember they saw a puppy, not necessarily what type of puppy).

Other possible ideas would be to just assign a number to your error and make it flash. Flashing gives a sense of urgency and, as long as your list of typical errors is small, the user should be able to recall a flashing number. If you get into the hundreds, this might not work so well.

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