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Re:yes. Especially per passenger.  Thursday August 14, 2014 @08:19PM 2 1
   attached to Can Our Computers Continue To Get Smaller and More Powerful?
Re:Is the complexity of C++ job security?  Thursday August 14, 2014 @04:45PM  1
Re:Is the complexity of C++ a practical joke?  Thursday August 14, 2014 @04:28PM  1, Troll
   attached to Interviews: Ask Bjarne Stroustrup About Programming and C++
Re:Premise flawed?  Sunday August 10, 2014 @03:37PM  2
   attached to Wiring Programmers To Prevent Buggy Code
Re:You're welcome to them. A few words re Emacs  *Saturday August 02, 2014 @01:54PM  1
   attached to Comparison: Linux Text Editors
Re:Ummm  *Tuesday June 24, 2014 @06:42PM 4 2
   attached to Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light
Re:Holy shit, this IS news for nerds  *Tuesday June 24, 2014 @06:47PM  1
   attached to The Simultaneous Rise and Decline of Battlefield
Re:Time release escrow  *Sunday June 08, 2014 @08:53PM 1 1
   attached to After the Belfast Project Fiasco, Time For Another Look At Time Capsule Crypto?
Re:Cool Technology  *Saturday May 31, 2014 @09:49PM  1
   attached to After the Sun (Microsystems) Sets, the Real Stories Come Out
Re:First Tutorial I've seen with Goto...  *Tuesday May 27, 2014 @08:41PM  2
   attached to Become a Linux Kernel Hacker and Write Your Own Module
Re:Using the word 'kill' in the article's title  *Tuesday May 20, 2014 @09:35PM  1
Using the word 'kill' in the article's title  *Tuesday May 20, 2014 @06:08PM 1 1
   attached to The Sci-Fi Myth of Robotic Competence
Question, how big a team is required?  *Tuesday May 13, 2014 @01:56PM  1
   attached to The Truth About OpenGL Driver Quality
Re:Honestly, can't walk and chew bubble gum?  *Saturday May 10, 2014 @02:22PM  1
   attached to Why Disney Can't Give Us High-Def Star Wars Where Han Shoots First
Nobody you can borrow from?  *Saturday May 03, 2014 @03:10PM  1
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Which VHS Player To Buy?
Where does Rubik's Cube fit in all of this?  *Wednesday April 02, 2014 @11:28AM 3 1
   attached to Data Mining the Web Reveals What Makes Puzzles Hard For Humans
Darmok is Science Fiction about an idea  *Saturday March 29, 2014 @09:02PM 1 2
Re:Troi (The Good Troi Episode)  *Saturday March 29, 2014 @08:44PM  1
   attached to Why Darmok Is a Good Star Trek: TNG Episode
A very plausible scenario from March 18  *Monday March 24, 2014 @02:51PM 3 3
   attached to How Satellite Company Inmarsat Tracked Down MH370
Economic Warfare, that dog might hunt again  *Monday March 17, 2014 @03:51PM 1 1
   attached to Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"
Re:From Scratch  *Friday March 14, 2014 @10:58PM  1
Re:The eternal optimist  *Friday March 14, 2014 @10:55PM  1
   attached to Lies Programmers Tell Themselves
Re:HEY, I'm and old guy trying to be objective  *Thursday March 06, 2014 @08:47PM  2
   attached to It's True: Some People Just Don't Like Music
Continuous not simmed, discrete might be simmed  *Sunday February 16, 2014 @06:38PM 1 2
   attached to Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?

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