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Comment rolling eyes... (Score -1, Troll) 244 244

How much profit does a game publisher make after the bils are paid? $6-8 maybe. So why would they not put ads into games to make more money and keep their biz profitable. If I can make a couple of bucks from each player a day that wants to play online instead of just the static sale of the game, why would I not want to do that? Kind of makes makes sense doesn't it? For all you idiots who are screaming bloody murder, it's very obvious that you;ve never played any games that had the Massive code in them. If you had you wouldn't be crying like a bunch of little bitches. If you don't believe me, then go to the site and watch the demos. Now STFU.

Comment Best Laptop Ever (Score 0) 502 502

Is she wins even a fraction of the lawsuit, no one will be able to dispute it was a "best buy."

Why look here, no interest for 18 months on a Gateway computer:

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