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I’m going to assume nobody is talking on their watch, but also assume idle isn’t the norm either. .44W is 440 mW so that’s 800% of idle mode, but 25% of talk mode which may not be bad for just BT.
Not bad for casual charging.
If you consider Citizen watches with solar vs Pebble, what are the values for consumption and generation?

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by shokk (#45654097) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Practical Bitrot Detection For Backups?

I think that when writable CDs first came out, we thought that they would last forever. And in some sense they do last long enough. The other day I found a CD binder full of games and a few backups from 1996. The most surprising of all was a collection of photos that I thought had been long lost, and with a little rsync running over and over and over, I got all the files off intact and saved them to my Flickr account.

The most important thing to understand, I think, is that we have to look at digital storage as a convenient and temporary medium and that anything longer lasting would need to be hard copied. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a better likelihood of survival. Pictures can survive by pure chance for a couple hundred years. We’re lucky if our current stuff will handle a few years, much less natural disasters and history itself.

For many, the cloud seems to be a utopia, but corporate and national politics can make all your treasured media disappear without warning, and none of the free services give you a guarantee of safety if something craps out on their systems. And as for paid cloud services, ask yourself if anyone will bother to take care of it after you’re gone, or if anyone will bother to archive it, or if your family will just toss it aside even if they are able to get them as part of your estate. Ask yourself who you’re saving all that for. Are we just digital hoarders?

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by shokk (#45352479) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Encrypted Cloud Storage Provider?

No matter what you think of the Cloud, you have resilient cloud like Amazon that goes away sometimes, or you can have cloud like Everpix, that refused to give me my pix after they went to price model and told me “screw you” and is about to go away forever.

Nothing is permanent. Eventually some natural disaster is going to make a huge chunk of data away for services that are not geographically redundant.

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