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Comment Re:Even Chinese must obey laws... (Score 1) 481 481

of Orbital Mechanics. Physics, too... when convenient.

  1. Let's start with the mass of this asteroid, so we can determine the VAST amount of energy it will take to "nudge it." Recall that the 365-foot Saturn V pushed a capsule the size of a VW Bug.

Simple, park a few solar powered ion thrusters on the asteroid, turn them on in the required direction(s) and leave them going for for however long it takes to adjust the orbit enough....

Comment Re:"Russia and its partners"?! (Score 1) 572 572

We could send it to mars, attach a VASIMIR Ion Thruster which pushes at about ~5000 mN against the 420,000kg mass of the ISS at an acceleration of about 1.1 * 10^-5 m/s^2. Might take about 16 years to get the delta V to get to low Mars orbit, but it will do it eventually...

Comment Re:Magical thinking (Score 2) 239 239

That't right folks. The only people who have fashioned a beverage container bomb is the TSA.

At least its slightly better than the game of catch up they've been playing of late, ie someone fails to blow up a plane with shoes then everyone has to take their shoes off etc etc..

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