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Comment: Re:lack of unions and workers rights (Score 4, Interesting) 541

by shoes58 (#44220515) Attached to: America's Second-largest Employer Is a Temp Agency
Well said. I currently work in the identical situation Charliemopps describes. Well, scaled down a bit. We had a huge order of machines that needed to be built IN ADDITION to our normal, busy floor schedule in 2011. Almost killed us. Temp salaries exceeded the "house" salary, and don't get me started on the overtime. Wouldn't happen many other places. Our 140 person shop became 210 for several months. Now, we're down to @100 FTE's. I agree, there are more ways to look at this problem. And I'm a liberal!

Comment: Re:The Mobile Phone And Economics (Score 1) 156

by shoes58 (#41933295) Attached to: The Information Age: North Korean Style

Even in the ghettos of the U.S. where people are living in project housing, eating via food stamps, they have mobile phones(not just Obama phones) and satellite/cable TV. It indicates a level of ignorance that annoys me.

Go ahead and tell me what an ass I am for my views and how poor people should have these things. I just don't see it.

OK, you're an ass! There is no such thing as an "Obama-Phone"! This is a pejorative term invented by the tea-baggers to imply the President or his policies provided these free of charge to minorities. In fact, this is a program that has been around since the 60's and is funded ENTIRELY by the telcos. It insured that low income families who couldn't afford phones would be able to summon help in emergencies or be notified of jobs or family emergencies. Think you can get a job with no phone, DUMBASS? And of course, God forbid people can watch ANY type of news programming and be informed on issues of the day! They have proven to be too stupid for that by being poor!

Comment: Re:Poetic Justice (Score 5, Informative) 1116

by shoes58 (#40432937) Attached to: Georgia Apple Store Refuses To Sell iPad To Iranian-American Teen
Massive respect, PopeRatzo, for cluing in those interested about this "Third Position" group. I can't believe just how offensive what they represent is. And yes, I am white. Please, fellow Slashdotters, be aware of this group. Just look for yourself... I rarely post, but read every day. THIS issue is post-worthy...

Comment: Re:Costco is ahead of the curve on this (Score 1) 532

by shoes58 (#38871889) Attached to: Retail Chains To Strike Back Against Online Vendors
There is a fourth way Costco fights this tactic. They put proprietary bar code labels over the manufacturers bar codes, so scanners come up empty. Just last week, I bought a 1.5 TB backup drive there. I tried using the app, but got no love. Fortunately, I looked online briefly at home before shopping and knew it was within reason vs. an online purchase. Unfortunately, I was unable to peel off the label enough to scan the true bar code at home. The Costco label destroyed the OEM bar code when I tried to remove it.

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