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Comment: Illness (Score 1) 26

by mcgrew (#48479221) Attached to: What is it like to be mentally ill?

There are lots of different mental illnesses. PTSD, depression, schitzophrenia, lots more and all are different. I suffered from "Adjustment disorder with depressed mood," fortunately for me that one is a temporary illness. Part of my therapy (which was better than anything the doctor suggested) was writing The Paxil Diaries.

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Journal: I'm dreaming of a secular Christmas 1

Journal by mcgrew

I'm dreaming of a secular Christmas
In these modern secular days
With a secular tree with secular lights
And a Santa in a secular sleigh

I'm dreaming of a secular Christmas
With lots of secular snow
With a secular wreath and some secular lights
And some secular mistletoe

No baby in a manger
No wise men at his bed
No thought of Jesus Christ at all
Just get him out of your head

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Journal: New Story

Journal by mcgrew

Sundays at noon an old friend has a blues show on a local college radio station, WQNA. Of course, since the blues and booze go so well together, Sunday is my "drink too much" day. So by eight I was too drunk to edit. I put the book down and picked up the notebook and started typing.

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