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Submission + - OpenBSD's Systrace broken by Cambridge researcher->

An anonymous reader writes: University of Cambridge researcher Robert Watson has published a paper at the First USENIX Workshop On Offensive Technology (WOOT07) in which he describes serious vulnerabilities in OpenBSD's Systrace, Sudo, Sysjail, the TIS GSWTK framework, and CerbNG, and that the technique is also effective against many commercially available anti-virus systems. His slides include sample exploit code that bypasses access control, virtualization, and intrusion detection in under 20 lines of C code consisting solely of memcpy() and fork(). Sysjail has now withdrawn their software recommending against any use, and NetBSD has disabled Systrace by default in their upcoming release.
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As for GPS (the most accurate versions) two appliances at opposite ends of a vessel together with suitable calculations would give you the orientation of the vessel. (I have no idea if this is ever done.)

This is done with gyroscopes at each end of the ship. Inertial navigation is fantastically precise, though it does suffer from slow drift which need periodic corrections.

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