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The Media

+ - Canadian DMCA Introduced

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shking writes: "As expected, the Canadian government has introduced Bill C-61 it's own version of the DMCA. The digital lock provisions are worse than the U.S. DMCA. Time-shifting and private copying are allowed, but subverted by digital lock provisions. Canadians face $20,000 per song fines for copying music from a protected disk to their iPods. Educators face draconian restrictions. What would have been a reasonable notice-and-notice system for ISP's may be undermined by the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement."
Christmas Cheer

+ - Santa Claus: the Tech behind Christmas

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shking writes: "In a recent interview on CBC radio (choose mp3 or ogg), Dr. Larry Silverberg, an engineering professor at North Carolina State University, explains how Santa Claus delivers presents to millions of children in just one night. According to Dr. Silverberg, Santa invokes Einstein's theory of relativity to bend space and time and uses nanotechnology to build the presents right under each home's tree. There's also an alternative theory"

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