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Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 2, Interesting) 263 263

by shitzu (#49576981) Attached to: Crashing iPad App Grounds Dozens of American Airline Flights

From the referred article: "The pilot came on and said that his first mate’s iPad powered down unexpectedly, and his had too, and that the entire 737 fleet on American had experienced the same behavior". This sounds awfully familiar to the latest IOS vulnerability published just a week ago - http://betanews.com/2015/04/22...


LG's Leather-Clad G4 Revealed In Leaked Images 39 39

Posted by samzenpus
from the take-a-peek dept.
An anonymous reader writes Evan Blass, known on Twitter as @evleaks, released images of LG's G4 smartphone which was supposed to be unveiled April 28th. "The images reveal what appear to be a multitude of swappable back plates. There are at least six different real leather backs (ranging from black and brown to baby blue and yellow), as well as three more traditional plastic backs. It's fair to assume that the leather versions will carry a cost premium. The LG Quick Circle case, which has a window to let you view notifications while the cover is closed, also appears to be making a return with the G4."

Comment: Re: Why will a car have much UI at all (Score 1) 24 24

by shitzu (#49395161) Attached to: Coding For Cars: The Next Generation of Mobile Apps

For instance - i use my phone to run waze while driving - why on earth can't I install it to my car's head unit (2014 model, so not that old). For instance my car has a camera it uses to track lanes - why can i not use it's picture in a traffic recorder app? And so on. I can name a dozen things my current car would be able to do by a software update alone (or an "app" in modern parlance).

Comment: Re: Wasted Energy? (Score 1) 198 198

The 1000$ estimate is taken mainly from his proposal:

This doesn't have to be expensive. A common setup winds up being two 6VDC golf cart batteries in series (12 volts total), 2-3 PV panels, a decent charge controller [2], and an inverter. This won't run your air conditioner unit, but it will be big enough to handle a number of low amperage devices, and one can build a decent setup for well under $1000.

This number did not include wiring to point of use, fuses, sockets, etc. All of which would be AC in the proposed solution (read: the installer should understand electricity to be safe).

For the umpteenth time - I am not bashing solar as such. I have NOT said you should not use solar panels. I have NOT said that you can not save money by solar. You are arguing against something i have not said, repeatedly.

What I am saying, is that making a duplicate wiring is stupid. If you are doing solar and are using an inverter, why not feed it into the existing AC system? This will cost less than duplicate wires/fuses/sockets. You will have all the benefits described and you will use all of the produced energy (more savings) for less money. You can plug vacuum cleaner into any socket without bloring the fuse (or your inverter).

On the other hand - if you wanted to use solar just to power phone chargers, it would be much, much cheaper to ditch the DC/AC/DC converting process and charge your phones from the 12V batteries via voltage regulator to 5V without an inverter ol wall/warts.

Comment: Re: Wasted Energy? (Score 1) 198 198

And one more thing. It suggested using solar to charge batteries to power inverters to connect AC/DC wallwarts to. If you were to build a separate solar powered cirquit just for charging low power DC devices, it would be totally moronic to convert it from DC to AC only to convert it to DC again. Not to mention costly.

Comment: Re: Wasted Energy? (Score 1) 198 198

It is MUCH easier to power them off than to build a solar+battery+inverter+separate cirquit to power them.

If you DO build a solar power system anyway, you are much better off connecting it to your mains and again NOT building a separate cirquit just for wall warts - this idea is totally ridiculous.

I am not bashing solar energy here - the post that i was answering to, suggested a solar powered sockets in my house for just wall warts. To which you can not plug a vacuum. So you need dual electricity cirquits and sockets etc which will definitely be more expensive than anything you gain.

Comment: Re: What Would be a Trivial Amount? (Score 1) 198 198

You are operating on the assumption that these LED displays and clocks operate fron battery. Yes, they NEED very little energy and work long from battery. However most of the time the manufacturer has saved a penny by ditching the battery, and runs the sleep mode operations, remote or clock directly from the power supply. the energy is wasted inside the power supply's AC-DC converter, not clock or screen itself.

Comment: Re: What Would be a Trivial Amount? (Score 2) 198 198

Wasted energy is still wasted energy no matter how you produce or buy it. Getting the energy from solar is no excuse for sleeping devices to hog that much amps.

I prefer simple solutions so i connected all my consoles and receiver and media players to an extension chord that powers on via USB only when TV is on. 8â i spent on has probably already been saved. My receiver (sony, 2013) is quite warm to the touch and makes an audible buzz while sleeping. As I power it totally off as described, i have not bothered to measure how much power it wastes, but it has to be quite substantial.

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