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Comment: Re: So, how does it smell? (Score 4, Interesting) 126

by shitzu (#46497197) Attached to: Solar-Powered Toilet Torches Waste For Public Health

Also - it is crazy complicated. I have a "bio" outhouse in my summer house that is in essence just a plastic container. You fill the bottom and a filtering compartment with sawdust. Liquids go through sawdust and seep under a bush. Every time you take a dump you throw a bit of sawdust on it. It does not smell (actually, as i use juniper sawdust, it smells quite pleasantly like gin). The end result i put under another bush in autumn and use as a fertilizer next spring. Why would i use a complex system of solar power and fiber and lord knows how many dollars to achieve the same end result?

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by shitzu (#46490779) Attached to: EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger

I don't get the need for higher charging Amperages. My experience is that the power usage has gone way down recently despite higher resolution screens and more powerful processors, etc. for instance - i have a crappy USB car charger (i think its around 0.5A, but its noname chinese so nobody actually knows) and i use my phone to navigate. Couple of years ago i used it regurarly with iphone 3GS - it made the phone battery *drain slower* while navigating - just enough so that i could make it. During the years it has become better as phones evolve - iphone5s acutally charges while connected to it and navigating.

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First of all - Apple's is not a 30 pin for quite some time. Its 8+ground (i think). Also it can be inserted into the phone blindly in either orientation and it os much more rugged than microusb.

Secondly - all the current chargers i know are USB at different amp level. I use the same chargers for charging my old ipad (30 pin), nook (miniusb), iphone (lightning) and headset (microusb) - its just the cables that are different.

Third of all - which people in the US might not realize - is that what the EU government institutions love to do, is regulating stuff. They do it mainly to justify their existence. For instance a couple of years ago some of them decided that home electronic devices had to have an on/off switch. This resulted in the good ole Linksys WRT54G being packaged with a small "switch adapter" that can be connected on the 12V line between tha wall plug and router. Which travelled into the trash on everey single occation. So more e-waste directly because of their regulations.

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Just for the fun of it my data - from Estonia:
- i pay ~$5 for "unlimited" data (Actually my speed will be capped to EDGE speeds after 5GB - but i never use that much)
- i have chosen to pay by the minute (~$0.02/min). That rarely exceeds another $5 as most my calls are free (family+coworkers)

So all in all about 10$ a month.

Also - i practically never use SMS/MMS, but jabber/facetime/fb chat/hangouts instead.

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Are you saying that any salt water freezes at 0F!? It depends thoroughly on the salt content in water. Where i live, sea freezes at around -5C. I have been driving a car over the sea in temperatures warmer than 0F...

The trouble with the imperial system is that people have no clue of the different units relations to each other. How many badger's kidneys are ther in a gallon? The most recent example i stumbled upon is that Runkeeper that i use to track my runs, tells me that i spend ~100 "CALORIES" per 1 km. I was about to file a bug report that they have forgotten kilo- in front of it - but after a wikipedia search it appeared that a thousandfold difference between kCal and Cal for the users of imperial system is peanuts - both are "commonly" called "calories"...

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How is it easier to divide a foot by three than a meter? You get 1/3rd of a foot. Or you get one 1/3rd of a meter. You can't divide an inch by ten very easily - but you have millimeters and micrometers.

Anyway, the topic wasn't meters here. It was Celsius vs Fahrenheit - and while you may be able to argue that foot is somehow more "natural", then you can't make the same argument to remain the only country dealing with F. Because Celsius is more natural (water freezing=0 and water boiling=100 AND easier to calculate.

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If they are just for building occasionally why do they need to be powered 24/7 for a 20k energy bill? If its a ghetto rack, get a powerstrip from ubiquiti that you can SSH to. I use the 3 socket one and it cost me ~40â. I use it for remote reboots and it has already paid for itself several tomes over in saved gass money.

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X-road is not also much a website per se but an background infrastructure to exchange data from different (state and private) databases and websites.

I don't know in what way this is finnish invention, AFAIK it was entirely developed in Estonia from the start. Maybe the idea as such originated in Finland. And p.s. - its open source.

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