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Comment Re: The only intuitive interface is the nipple (Score 1) 229 229

You are talking about a bottle, we are talking about a human nipple. They might seem functionally equivalent to you, but not for the baby. They go for human ones like magnets - at least my two ones did. But maybe its inherited - i do not care much about bottles with bits of silicon either, but female bosom is an entirely different cup of tea so to speak.

Comment Re:I prefer Google TV! (Score 1) 133 133

When casting a screen you have essentially the controller and the stream server running on the same device. As I said the stream server must be constantly running - but that is also true with every other streaming media player device. The controller does not need to be running.

Comment Re:I prefer Google TV! (Score 1) 133 133

Chromecast all but requires another smart device running (continuously) to control it.

No, it does not. You start the streaming from a smart device, but it does not need to be switched on after that. The smart device is essentially a glorified remote.

The *server* from where it streams, must be on (wether in the cloud or local), but that is a different ballgame and is also true on most sticks unless you copy the files to the actual stick's local storage.

Comment Re:Yippie!! (Score 2) 133 133

I am constantly using chromecast from different wifi (and wired) netorks, there is no need te be on the same wifi network as long as the broadcast traffic reaches the chromecast and your other devices (i.e. they are in the same "ping domain"). For instance at home my chromecast is connected to one wifi network (2.4GHz), my phone connected to another (5GHz, different AP and SSID) and my Plex server is connected with a wire. This all works as a charm.

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