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Comment Re: Only six? (Score 2) 113

Strange. Does the american banking system allow you to "charge" another person's bank account without any sayso of the user? Where i live, this is impossible. The only way money goes away from my bank account by a request from third party, is direct debit - and even then I set the withdrawal limits and dates and there has to be an electronic (i.e. XML) invoice produced. Also - i don't think direct debit is ever used for one off payments here, only recurring payments like utility, phone, etc.

Comment Re: The only intuitive interface is the nipple (Score 2) 270

You are talking about a bottle, we are talking about a human nipple. They might seem functionally equivalent to you, but not for the baby. They go for human ones like magnets - at least my two ones did. But maybe its inherited - i do not care much about bottles with bits of silicon either, but female bosom is an entirely different cup of tea so to speak.

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