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Comment: RIP old slashdot (Score 2) 339

by shish (#39861015) Attached to: Introducing SlashBI

Old Slashdot

Recent Slashdot

New Slashdot

So yeah. RIP, the slashdot that I once cared about :-(

(That, and even the community has dropped in quality recently; witness how every ubuntu story is full of people who are too dumb to apt-get install a different WM to replace unity -_- Back in my day, customising your OS to fit your needs was the norm, nay, the entire point of using linux - people would be shunned away from the site for being noobs if they dare complain about how hard it is to compile their own desktop environment from source...)

Comment: Re:Obligatory step after installing Ubuntu 12.04 (Score 2) 543

by shish (#39812923) Attached to: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Out; Unity Gets a Second Chance

I wish slashdot editors would append this hint to the end of every ubuntu-related story. As it is, 50% of the replies are just "I don't like one of the default settings, I'm going to switch distro"... (The other 50% being complaints about the choice of animal in the behind-the-scenes codename)

There was once a saying that the worst thing Microsoft has done to the computing industry is lowering the user's expectations of quality - now I think we're seeing a similar effect from Apple: to a modern computer user, it is inconceivable that an OS would give them freedom to change the vendor-supplied defaults :-(

Comment: Re:Unity - good for masses, bad for power-users (Score 1) 543

by shish (#39812563) Attached to: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Out; Unity Gets a Second Chance

a power-user has little choice unless he/she wants to go to the trouble of installing an alternate shell

If "apt-get install [alternate desktop of choice]" is too hard for you, you are not a power user.

Seriously, kids these days. Back in my day*, linux was about having multiple choices for everything - not just the power users, but the regular users would all customise their desktops in whatever way suited them, and we liked it. (Well, most of us did. Those who came from the windows or mac worlds curled up into a ball and cried when presented with multiple valid options to choose from, and insisted that somebody else choose "the best" to be preinstalled for them. And thus, Ubuntu was born to give them what they asked for)

* I'm barely out of my teens, but I'm old enough to remember when "power user" meant "someone who'd customise their desktop by hacking the C code"; Then it got degraded into "someone who could compile from source without modification"; then "someone who'd install packages from outside the distro's repository"; then "someone who'd install packages from the repository to replace the defaults"... and now apparently "power user" means "someone who can install ubuntu and doesn't change the default settings". This makes me sad :-(

Comment: Windows 8: really awful (Score 1) 224

by shish (#39798785) Attached to: Valve's Steam & Games Coming To Linux

Reading the motivations, it seems we should also be thankful to microsoft for this -- part of the motivation for their devs to work on it is that linux is slowly getting better on the desktop*, but the other part is that windows is rapidly getting worse :P

* or slowly getting worse, if you use ubuntu and don't know how to install an alternative window manager; but Metro is still ahead of Unity in that respect

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 2, Informative) 315

by shish (#39600217) Attached to: Update On Wayland and X11 Support

I believe in things being as lean as possible and having to prove or justify any excess

This is pretty much the reason *for* Wayland -- whether you use Xorg or Wayland you have support for all the excess eyecandy (not that you have to use it), but Xorg is an exponentially growing pile of add-ons while Wayland has the features planned from day one, plus it's even smaller than that, because it lets the kernel do the heavy lifting of driver support.

Comment: Re:Wha? (Score 3, Interesting) 350

by shish (#39323641) Attached to: Computer Games That Defined RPGs In the 1980s
Nope; 7/8/9 had 3D elements (eg the character models, and battles), but the bulk of the explorable world was made of unique 2D backgrounds - 6 and earlier were repetitive 2D sprites, 10 and later are repetitive 3D textures. Though come to think of it, replacing the low-res 3D character models with nice 2D sprites would be an improvement too...

Comment: Re:Final Fantasy 7 (Score 4, Interesting) 350

by shish (#39322971) Attached to: Computer Games That Defined RPGs In the 1980s

They said it would be almost impossible to update those games to PS3 graphics because the amount of work involved to produce such a game would be too high.

Personally I don't want "PS3 graphics" if that means looking like the modern games -- the whole reason I think FF 7/8/9 are so beautiful is that the worlds are largely hand-drawn 2D; all I really want changed in a remake is to have those same drawings re-scanned at a higher res :-P

Comment: Re:hahaha (Score 1) 218

by shish (#39292127) Attached to: Apple Switches (Mostly) To OpenStreetMap

You misunderstood his comment. From his perspective as a German, the attention to detail in OSM is lacking. I mean, in that example, there is no mention of where the nearest trash can is

My hobby is adding the locations of trash cans to openstreetmap, because everything larger or more significant is already on there...

No problem is so large it can't be fit in somewhere.