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Journal Journal: Stupid firefox settings 1

Re-enable paste into youtube comments on firefox:
"about:config" --> "dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled" --> change value to FALSE.

Use firefox's inbuilt feature to block tracking domains:
privacy.trackingprotection.enabled --> change value to TRUE.

Comment Re:So what the fuck is the story here? (Score 1) 190

No, it is not fair. What proof did sony provide that it was theirs?

This is the guys video that sony made claim on:

This is the video that sony said it was stolen from:

They aren't even the same video!

If you're the content owner you shouldn't have some asshole claiming that it is theirs especially after you have allowed them to use it for free. Even the general public who copyright infringe on music/movies/games etc don't claim that they made that thing, they do it to watch/enjoy it. The copyright infringement that sony was doing is the WORST kind of infringement by claiming ownership over something which wasn't theirs. And its really unfair that that guy had to waste his time fighting it because even sony wouldnt get that from the general public.

Comment Re:So what the fuck is the story here? (Score 5, Insightful) 190

The point is large corporations have it so easy to lay copyright claims and when you go to dispute it you have to jump through hoops. Not only was the onus on his to prove to YT that it was his own work even though somebody else is making the claim but he had to contact multiple people at Sony, multiple times just to wake them up. And here is a guy who licensed his work to a large multinational corporation for FREE and he gets screwed over by them. If he didn't waste his time fighting it then he would have been the one losing the rights to his own work. So how is that fair?

Comment Re:Yikes (Score 2) 318

Agreed. People need to stop using the logical fallacy that if somebody else is doing it its somehow alright for somebody else to. Wrong is wrong and the reason why people talk about microsoft doing the wrong is because that's what the article is about. Also google is leaps and bounds different from microsoft. There is not one google product that you have to use because there are many viable alternatives to every google product. Even android doesnt have a killer app that you can't find on another os. windows is different. youre stuck with windows for games and programs and drivers. Thats why microsoft can pull this privacy shit and all the shit theyve been pulling for decades because they know you can't easily switch to another os without you losing out in a program, game or driver that you use.

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