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Comment: Re:um... (Score 1) 84

Exactly. Your weight changes because it's not always 9.81m^2. No teacher worth their salt would teach their students that its 9.81m^2 all the time like the article states. The article might as well have said "You might’ve learned—in some long-ago English class—that I comes before E except after C, without fail. But it turns out...."

Comment: um... (Score 1) 84

"You might’ve learned—in some long-ago physics class—that objects at the surface of the Earth all accelerate downwards, towards the Earth’s center, at 9.81 m/s^2 (or 32 feet/s^2), without fail."

Only if you had a really bad physics teacher.

If your physics teacher was good and explained how 9.81 came about you would quickly realize acceleration varies depending where you are on Earth. A good example is a object weighs differently around the world even though it's mass doesn't change.

Comment: Re:Old fart's claims finally justified. (Score 1) 160

Thats because microsoft doesn't give a shit about how much space it wastes on peoples hard drives. My windows 7 computer has a installer folder which takes up over 7gb and I hardly installed any programs on it. Googling tells me I can't delete this folder either. Apparently the folder contains backups of the programs I have installed but since I already do my own backups of the computer it is stupid that I am forced to have a backup of a backup.

Yea I remember ms-DOS. You could go into the DOS directory and delete every exe and com file you never used to make the OS even leaner.

BTW, your windows directory is small compared to mine. Mine takes up freaking 30gb and that is with system restore and windows update backups removed. Fuck I hate windows but its the shit os I have to use to use the programs I want.

Comment: I dont get why... (Score 4, Insightful) 91

by shione (#49733423) Attached to: Tweets To Appear In Google Search Results

Companies like Google do this to legitimize another company's business. I've been using the internet for quite some time now and I've seen loads of companies/websites come and go. But with all this integration of facebook/twitter/youtube/linkedin shit into apps and other websites, it makes me wonder what happens when those sites go out of fashion (out of fad). Or is the internet mature enough now that websites/comanies have stopped coming and going.

Heck, even Slashdot participates in this with those 4 symbols near the article summary.

Comment: Is it really Google competing with Uber or is it (Score 1) 45

by shione (#49653545) Attached to: Uber Wants To Buy Nokia's Mapping Services

Is it really Google competing with Uber or is it really Uber competing with Google?

In February this year Uber formed a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University to develop driverless car technology. They're now looking to buy Nokia's map technology for navigation and replace technology provided by Google maps.

Google says they aren't competing with Uber. Their drive sharing app was made internally for certain employees to carpool to work.

Google has at least $258M invested in Uber and has their chief legal officer on the Uber board.

I don't think Google's investment in Uber is anything like ms's partnership with IBM in making OS/2 or ms partnership with opengl. I think the partnership is more akin to Google's relationship with Mozilla back then (which Mozilla later ceased). Google is stronger when there is more than one with their ideas.

Comment: Re:Can't Work (Score 1) 199

by shione (#49645495) Attached to: Future Holds Large Updates Instead of Stand-Alone Windows Releases

They tried to force people to update by not releasing IE and directx on older versions of windows. I could see them doing the same for directx - if your windows is not up to patch xxxx it wont install. It would be pretty annoying if you just bought a new game and you can't play it until you ponied up for ms's subscription model.

I think ms would like to get rid of legacy desktop programs if they could. Window's compatibilty with old programs keeps people using windows but if windows can get rid of it they could lock down the os with all apps going through their app store that they can collect 30% on. It wont be our os to do what we like with anymore. and everything will be drm drm drm.

Comment: Re:How are they going to charge for this? (Score 1) 199

by shione (#49645341) Attached to: Future Holds Large Updates Instead of Stand-Alone Windows Releases

You're right it does cost money but I think they could still make it available for free. They could run it like the xbox model where the console makes a loss but they make the money back on other things. On the pc they could make a loss on the os and then try to make the money back through a 30% cut on everything sold on the windows app store. Sorta like how Google pays for the upkeep of Android from the app store sales.

For this to really work though, ms would have to break windows compatibility and force all programs and apps to go through the app store. I think Valve sees it this way too thats why have brought Steam to Linux and Apple and they host a lot of triple play titles which you only have to buy once. Even GOG with the Galaxy desktop client they're making, will be on Linux and Apple too.

Comment: Re:They're not free (Score 1) 125

by shione (#49600277) Attached to: Should Developers Still Pay For Game Engines?

Yea, that is right. They're free at the start but developers have to pay 5% after they make a certain amount of sales.

There's also another big name engine which is coming and will be free. Valves Source 2 engine has no royalities, the only cleveat being that games made in Source 2 must have a version for sale on steam.

The timeframe for Source 2 is unknown but don't expect Half Life 3 until Source 2 is out.

Comment: Re:Very PC (Score 1) 60

by shione (#49591039) Attached to: NASA Probe Spies Possible Polar Ice Cap On Pluto

Obviously, when I wrote "we've" I was referring to the post 1930s generation who were taught that theres 9 planets not 8. Same as I am not referring to the currently generation when I wrote "we've" because they being taught that theres 8 again.

If you go back even further there were even less than 8 planets. OMG!

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