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Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

Heya, you posted AC but I hope you can still read this. Thanks for acknowledging my existence on here. That's the first time anyone has in all the time I've been here. Not that anyone needs to do that but that was nice. :) haha

If youre just talking about the link to our journals on the posts we make, that is true we can get to our journal that way but that still shows that it is broken imo because its found in such a convulted way. Slashdot can't expect us to make a post or find one of our old ones just to get a link up to our journals or have us remember the direct link to type into the browser. On other sites theres usually links either in our account page or some other prominent location to navigate our own stuff and around the site. I don't know why our journals are hidden like this (or missed when they revamped the site) especially when slashdot started out as a journal.

I thought maybe it was my browser but on a clean install of chrome without any addons, it is still the same. On the mobile phone it is even worse, even posts do not have the journal links.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1305

Could you please raise the issue that journals are broken on here. For one, theres no way to get to a persons journal by clicking links. we have to resort to typing in our journal address in the browser url bar. Secondly, journals entries get archived within a short amount of them and then nobody can comment on them. Shouldnt the journal owner have a say in how long they want to accept comments for?

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Journal Journal: Stupid slashdot settings

LOL I made journal entries for stupid firefox settings and stupid google settings and now I'm finding stupid settings inside slashdot thats preventing me from using it like anyone normally would.

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Journal Journal: Stupid google settings

Is google a moron?

Once a contact is added to hangouts (which you didn't even have to add them by yourself, google does it) there is NO WAY to delete that contact. You can only hide it. There is a delete button but it does NOTHING.

Vivek Chimurkar 8/21/15 12:40 AM
I want to delete contacts and frequently contacted people from my hangout

Alfredo Torres 8/21/15 1:51 AM
Hi Vivek,

Comment Are we born with them? (Score 3, Interesting) 72

When we are born we are so clean that even our stomachs do not have bacteria. It is hypothesized that our first dose of this bacteria comes from normal child birth and then we are put in our mothers arms so kissing and cuddling further transfers the bacteria. Is this cuddling and kissing where we get the first face mites too or are we born with them?

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