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Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 0) 413

The hosts file blocks urls, it doesn't block ips. You need to do more than just adding urls to the host file like blocking the ips on a firewall. And ideally, the firewall should be running on a separate device/machine not running windows so windows can't give itself special privileges and bypass it.

Comment Re:Yikes (Score 2) 318

Agreed. People need to stop using the logical fallacy that if somebody else is doing it its somehow alright for somebody else to. Wrong is wrong and the reason why people talk about microsoft doing the wrong is because that's what the article is about. Also google is leaps and bounds different from microsoft. There is not one google product that you have to use because there are many viable alternatives to every google product. Even android doesnt have a killer app that you can't find on another os. windows is different. youre stuck with windows for games and programs and drivers. Thats why microsoft can pull this privacy shit and all the shit theyve been pulling for decades because they know you can't easily switch to another os without you losing out in a program, game or driver that you use.

Comment Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 189

I dont think they will go to a paid subscription model. That would change them from being the only mainstream OS that costs money to the only mainstream OS that charges subscription fees. ms is losing really badly inthe phone/tablet market. Even their console isn't doing too well this time around ( )

I can believe windows 10 will be the last version of windows and it will just be continually patched. ms sees the writing on the wall and when 10 is out they will be pushing their app store hard to get more pc programs into there so they get a 30% cut. All those sales will add up to more than they will ever get from a single customer in a OS sale. The app store will help their struggling phone and tablet line too.

Comment Re:DirectX 12 (Score 1) 189

They did the same thing with directx10. It was only available on vista which was new at the time. I think some people managed to hack the installer to install on xp but I never tried it. I jumped from xp to 7 like most people. I wouldn't be surprised if someone works out how to install d12 into 7. Most people will probably just go the easier route and upgrade to 10 to get d12 because it's free anyway.

Comment Re:Why no CIFS support? (Score 1) 98

Probably because Sony's entertainment division didn't want the playstation to be able to easily copy/read files easily over the network because any copying/reading makes "omg piracy!" pop up in their tunnel vision eyes. The ps3 and 4 support DLNA for streaming though which is something at least. DLNA was started by Sony I believe and is a open standard while CIFS is microsoft and a closed standard. SMB was only possible by reverse engineering SMB but microsoft often changes the standard giving *nix distributions a lot of headaches. Sony can make sure the playstation always supports DLNA but it's a lot harder for them to fix SMB when windows changes the standard.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 98

Those are some good points made by mlts.

Even if console prices have come down like you say, they haven't come down as much as they should with zero copyright infringement. You can see this by comparing games that get released on consoles and the pc at the same time. The vast majority of the time, (maybe even all the time?), the pc release is cheaper than it is on a console. But at the same time the pc is the most open and 'pirated' platform. hmmm...

I think mlts has made some good points. It was always a sham blaming copyright infringement for the high price of software. Look at the price of a genuine windows licence worldwide. It is cheapest in the countries with high piracy rates. Hell, countries with high piracy rates get rewarded with lower prices while countries like Australia which has some of the lowest piracy rates pays some of the highest prices for software especially games on steam.

If you go back before there was any digital distribution for console games, the higher price for console games could be sort of justified by the buyer getting some of their money back by selling/trading in the game. But now that's gone too, once you buy it its worth basically nothing because you can't sell it to anyone. So not only have console companies kept prices higher with zero copyright infringement they've kept prices high after cutting out the second hard market.

Comment Forget Esports (Score 4, Interesting) 46

Source 2 is what Valve have been waiting to finish before they bring out Half Life 3, Portal 3, L4D3 and TF3.

Yes Half Life 3, I said it. Half Life THREE.

What follows Source 2 is the '3' games. Afterall, you wouldn't continue your award winning franchise that everyone has been waiting for, on a aging engine, would you? And less face it, Source 1 is so behind modern engines, Valve really needs Source 2 finished to show HL3 in the best way possible.

They need their own games to use as tech demos to get other developers onto using Source 3 too. And with their console coming out at the end of the year they need first party games to help it sell. Not saying that those sequels will come out that quickly with the console but you need Source 2 out before the '3' games come out and with the Steam console out soon, it makes sense for Valve to bring out the '3' games sooner than later. So it's getting closer guys.

Comment Re:Floating mountains (Score 1) 95

Yea. It's pretty amazing to think that the rock making up was once deep inside the ground and it slowly raised to the level it is at. Or when you look at a natural diamond and think about how deep it must have been inside the ground for the pressure required to create it.

Comment Re:um... (Score 1) 95

Exactly. Your weight changes because it's not always 9.81m^2. No teacher worth their salt would teach their students that its 9.81m^2 all the time like the article states. The article might as well have said "You might’ve learned—in some long-ago English class—that I comes before E except after C, without fail. But it turns out...."

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