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Comment: Re:Should be Alternative Language Requirement (Score 2) 426

by shikaisi (#46071021) Attached to: Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language

I was = past I am = present I will be = future but you've never needed I have been = perfect I was being = imperfect I had been = pluperfect

Pretty much all languages express the same tenses, it just depends on how.

It is far from that simple. English does not have a future tense. There are many different constructions for talking about the future, with various nuances of meaning. For example, you can say ...

I will fly to America

I'm going to fly to America

I'm flying to America next week

There are at least 12 different future constructions in common use in English, of which the above are just the most frequently used.

Every language has its own quirks. Some languages don't bother with tenses at all. Learning to appreciate that there is more than one way of doing things broadens the mind.

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