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Comment Re: They just want people that can BS through the (Score -1) 306

. I'm not trying to be rude, but smart people who go around being condescending because they believe they are smarter than everyone else are not popular.

I don't care, asshole. Popularity does not concern me, at least not nearly as much as it does your ilk.

The reason they're not popular is that other intelligent people who didn't follow your particular career path understand - correctly - that actually they're every bit as smart as you.

Wrong again, dumb ass.

When you learn to shed your arrogance, and dial down your petty little ego, you'll find that a) you're not nearly as smart as you really want to believe you are, and b) if you're offended by someone's else comments about their own intelligence, that makes you the asshole.

Comment Sounds like horrible advice (Score -1) 306

Solution: only "shine bright" when alone with your direct supervisor. They move up->they take you with them. You don't want to upstage your coworkers publicly, and you definitely don't want to upstage your supervisor. Further, to avoid your coworkers becoming jealous of your upwards mobility you must tithe/pay tribute by helping them do their jobs better/hooking them up with concert tickets/introducing them to women/etc.

How about no. Enjoy your life of groveling, slave.

Comment Look in the mirror, asshole (Score -1) 124

"You analysis of the article seems flawed. They say pretty clearly that they don't reveal information that might hamper criminal investigations, and that they are talking to authorities in the appropriate jurisdictions. "

Right. Because things are always exactly how the article states, and there is never any kind of hidden real reason or anything like that.

You naive imbecile.

Comment Re:Before you comment saying he's a racist asshole (Score -1) 284

None of those apply to Terry Davis. He is not schitzophrenic.

No, I don't give a fuck what some brain dead psychologist said, or what some ignorant fucks on the internet say. This is the Son of God speaking. They are wrong.

Terry Davis will go down in history as an absolute, unqualified genius. Take it to the bank and cash it.

Comment Good luck with that (Score -1) 181

I downloaded the video using (316 MB) and nothing will play it, including mplayer which crashes in the video filtering routines, even with software scaling enabled to bring the video down below the 2048x2048 hardware rendering limitation. This is on the latest Linux Mint with a nvidia Quadro 140M on an 7 year old laptop.

Comment Correction (Score -1) 216

"wouldn't be"

As in, I wouldn't be having to do this (thus burning my 2nd and final post for this 24 hour period) if the fuckwits at slashdot would ever put in a damn edit button. You know--like every other fucking site on this brand new invention called the internet.

Now for some shameless karma whoring: Can I get some help, mods, please? I used to have excellent karma for the longest time. I was a model slashdot citizen, yes sir! Maybe a few of you old fucks even remember when I've posted here, eons ago it seems. Then one day....some asshole troll began downvoting every single one of my posts, and completely wrecked my karma. Just like that.

I emailed "Tech Support" (at Dice...LOL yeah I know right?) who helpfully deleted the troll, then said they could do nothing for my karma, that I'd have to earn it all back on my own.

Not sure if that guy ever got the "FUCK YOU" I sent in reply....that was YEARS ago now....and ever since then I've been in a really pissed off mood every time I get on here, from being limited to two God damned posts per day, and tend to use those posts to tell someone what a fucking asshole they are. For some reason this doesn't seem to be helping.

Seriously, fuck you and everything you stand for, Dice. Would some of my slashdot niggas w/ mad mod points mind giving me a hand up here? Thank you in advance. ........and if you don't help me, I will KILL YOU ALL!

Just kidding.......or am I..?

Comment No... (Score -1) 216

"Dumb? Maybe. "

There's definitely no maybe about it.

Find another pet cause, dude. Stop trying to portray commercial software as being some kind of eeeevill thing.

If you want to do something useful for a change, how about re-inventing computer programming completely, so that it's not such a total fucking pain in the ass anymore, perhaps bringing things back closer to the days when even a 6 year old could write a program? Then maybe people would be incentivized to form billion dollars businesses exclusively centered around the art of writing software.

Thankfully, there are people out there working on the hard problems that your type seems incapable of addressing.

"You must have an IQ of at least half a million." -- Popeye