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Comment GIMP is a good example (Score -1) 316

Gimp is a good example of this brain dead mentality that infects the open source world. For example, I open a JPG file, resize it, then go to save it again. Just click File->Save, right? WRONG.

Gimp in their infinite wisdom have decided that "Save" should only refer to saving things in their bullshit proprietary Gimp format. To save as JPG, you have to click Export . And then after you've "Exported" your new JPG and you close the window, Gimp helpfully pops up a dialog to warn you that your changes have not been "Saved"!

Fucking imbeciles. Every time you try to point out the flaws in their way of "thinking", they get defensive and make excuses, just like the Mozilla dumbasses. And the dumb fucks wonder why nobody with a clue takes them seriously.

Comment Die slowly in a fire (Score -1) 316

They don't have your data and don't give a shit about your opinion because you are impotent and nothing but a whiny fuck on Slashdot who has contributed nothing.

Yeah, I've contributed nothing--other than all the virus-laden computers I fixed, and then deleted IE and installed Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox in its place. Haven't done that in a long time.

There's a reason why Firefox's user share keeps dropping, you stupid fuck. The power users that you stupid asses keep pissing off were your greatest advocates. Were.

Every time you mouth breathing morons take away a useful feature and put some bullshit in its place, and continually change up the UI and other stuff for no other reason than you're a bunch of god damned brain dead hipsters with no clue, you lose more and more of the power users...and the regular uses too as a direct consequence.

Unfortunately, you're too God damned stupid to understand that, so all your remaining users will suffer until the day everyone finally jumps ship and leaves all you social justice pricks standing there with your dicks in your hands, blaming each other for the situation you find yourself in.

Fuck you, assholes.

Comment Re:Is anyone surprised? (Score -1) 100

And what is the purpose of a botnet, exactly? To pass knitting patterns and dessert recipes from node to node?

Your theory is what...that this malware infection was an accident? Conficker, one of the most advanced pieces of malware in the world, was written by some random script kiddie from Iran?

Use your brain.

Comment Re:NUKEM!! NUKEM NOW!! (Score -1) 728

That's what ISIS is doing - killing our civilians.

ISIS is controlled by the CIA. They are funded by the heroin being sold on the streets of America by "your" own people. Wake up, dumb ass.

You win wars by killing civilians.

Good luck in WW3. I'm sure you'll think Russia and China fully justified when their tanks are rolling through your streets killing civilians.

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