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by shiftless (#47141413) Attached to: NSA Collecting Millions of Faces From Web Images

What an idiotic statement. I am a veteran of the US Air Force who did two tours in Afghanistan. One time I personally helped fire a rocket at a truck of "suspected insurgents" (read: some guys we just targeted because we were pissed off at getting mortared every day) with a Javelin missile, blowing it to pieces....sending half the flaming wreckage rolling down into a nearby orchard, killing an old man. His granddaughter was not so lucky; she lost an arm and an eye. You should have heard the whooping and cheering when we saw that big ass explosion. It was really cool! The only other person I met who seemed to show any doubt about what we'd done was the young (20-22 year old) combat medic who had to patch her up.

War is hell. Get a clue, you fucking useful idiot.

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UTF-8 support doesn't mean what the XML/HTML contains. It means what characters can you post on here without it getting fucked up by slashdot. So those of you whose eyes were plucked out by ravens and now use a text-to-speech interpreter to use the Beta site--do you see this? UTF-8 characters follow:

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by shiftless (#47094693) Attached to: FCC Gets Go-Ahead For Plan To Expand Rural Internet Access

Oh, BTW, Putin has some taxes for your to pay him.

Right, because taxation is the only thing stopping Putin from taking over America.

Lowering taxes didn't supercharge the economy in the year 2000, now. Did it?

Unless and until your understanding of the world stretches back at the very least a couple hundred years, then you understand nothing.

Taxation in this country has been steadily increasing ever since it was founded, and especially since Lincoln's war of aggression on the Southern states destroyed the original Republic and replaced it with an Empire.

What happened in 2000 is irrelevant. The country was already on the ropes back then, due to excessive government, and nothing has improved over the past 15 years.

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. When you take your clothes off in front of a camera, there should not be consequences beyond your partner being aroused. That the woman in the article has to worry about her "reputation" is what is wrong

Sorry, no. This is delusional thinking; the sort of thing that's common in a society that absolutely zero fucking clue what personal responsibility is. If your dumb ass allows your boyfriend to jizz in your face on camera, and he later posts it on the internet, thats your fault for being a foolish dumb ass. Next time don't be a dumb ass.

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You did enter a contract when taking the pictures, and the contract was that the images were intended was for mutual enjoyment. When the romantic relation is over, this contract is broken, therefore in principle you lose the right to use the images.

You do not have the right to tell me who or what I'm allowed to take a picture of, and share with whomever I please.

No, I don't give a fuck what your corrupt government claims. It's immoral. If I take a picture, I own it, and there is nothing you can do about it.

If you don't want someone taking a picture of you naked and sharing it with the world, then the solution is simple: don't date somebody who would do such a thing.

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You also think it's something Extremely Controversial?

Sadly, yes it is.

Because people are fucking stupid.

Seriously--there are certain people who will go apeshit if you try to tell them men and women are different, that intelligent is inherited, or that different races of people have different characteristics.

Comment: You are a dumb ass (Score -1) 661

Must be a conservative state, because this peculiar strain of stupidity is generally right-wing in nature.

Look in the mirror: the dumb ass is you.

'Global warming' nee 'Climate change' nee 'Climate disruption' is A FUCKING SCAM. And people like you--useful idiot that you are--are too stupid to see through it.

I fully agree that man's activities are having an effect on the environment. And just how in the fucking world do you propose to stop it? Just when is the world going to completely stop burning oil? When are we going to stop burning coal and natural gas? When will cows stop farting, and will you give up your carbonated soft drinks in the name of "saving the environment", fool? Of course not. But you'll God damned surely fork over all your money to the government and chastise everyone else for not jumping on the bandwagon. You stupid fucking imbecile.

Grow a brain.

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