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Operating Systems

+ - Ideal Computing Experience? 1

Submitted by shevsky
shevsky writes: Every day there are more programs that perform the same functionality, more bloated protocols and APIs (some well-maintained for the time being, some not), more poorly-supported pieces of hardware, and more niche-market services you have to learn for a new job. I'm wondering what Slashdot thinks the perfect system would be like: forget backwards-compatibility, forget current programming languages and operating systems if you want. Do you want to get everything from the command line, or would you like a perfectly clean web library? Would you run everything in a VM if you could without sacrificing performance? Could every company use the same perfect piece of software if it was just that good?

Bonus points if someone makes it happen.

Comment: No. (Score 1) 425

by shevsky (#31190378) Attached to: New Plan Lets Top HS Students Graduate 2 Years Early
Speaking as a recent high school graduate, this isn't the solution. The solution is to not subject high school students to four years of bullshit, and let them move ahead at the rate they deserve instead of the rate that the worst of them can barely handle. For people who want more advanced options, getting 2 years of community college before being mature enough for university is definitely one solution, and for those who want/need to work, it's fair to not subject them to 11th and 12th grade. But I feel this way because any individual year of schooling is almost totally worthless, so why not just cut them out if there's a chance to let a person get what they OUGHT to be getting. All realistic knowledge and development of talent at a young age is either outside of the classroom, or so restricted by the classroom it's years behind where it could be. And people wonder why Americans are falling behind foreign students...

Comment: Re:This seems a little off. (Score 1) 187

by shevsky (#28872703) Attached to: Therapists Log On To <em>WoW</em> To Counsel Addicts
I disagree with the third paragraph. I think it's directed not at people who are "literally unable to tear themselves away from the game long enough to go to a therapy session in real life" but at people are simply unwilling to - and I say this from (sort-of) personal experience. A person in this situation, to some extent, likes it, and falling into dangerous lifestyles from force of habit is too easy. I can't imagine them ever wanting to go therapy in real life - but they could humor a person talking to them online (whether on WoW or just an IM client) simply because it doesn't take effort towards something they're already put off by.

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