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+ - Google Acquires AppJet, Makers of Etherpad ->

Submitted by sherriw
sherriw (794536) writes "AppJet, the makers of Etherpad, are announcing on their blog that the company has been acquired by Google. The developers will be transitioned to working on Wave, and Etherpad is being shut down. After feedback from the community, they are now investigating how to open source the code to Etherpad.

We have begun planning how to open source the code to EtherPad and the underlying AppJet Web Framework. We will continue maintaining new pad creation from the EtherPad home page at least until we have open sourced the code, and work hard to make sure there will be no or minimal service disruption in the future.


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+ - Web Crawlers Harvesting Obfuscated Emails?

Submitted by sherriw
sherriw (794536) writes "As a web developer and having several of my own websites, I have been using the 'trick' of obfuscating email addresses like: "name at example dot com" or "name[at]example[dot]com" on several of my websites. Till recently these email addresses have been spam free. However in the last few weeks I've started receiving spam to several of these addresses despite the fact that I'm very careful about giving them out. Has anyone else noticed evidence that the web crawlers are now wise to this technique? Or maybe they always were, and I've just been lucky so far."

+ - How to handle massive email loss?

Submitted by sherriw
sherriw (794536) writes "How do you recover from a massive loss of old emails?

My growing wariness of Gmail and the fact that they archive your email forever prompted me to start moving away from Gmail to my own self-hosted webmail. So I started by deleting all my gmail that was older than 2006. But I typed 2008 by mistake, went blindly ahead and POOF all my gmail messages gone. Yes, I even emptied my trash.

My begging for help email to the Gmail support center has not been answered yet. So I'm faced with this permanent loss. How do you mentally handle the loss of thousands of emails, many of them part of ongoing "things to do" lists, and others with very important reference information and business related discussions? Email that ranks a 10 on the importance and relevance to my life scale. And yes... I will be using my own email accounts and backing it up on my PC from now on (my PC of course has backups), shame on me.

Does anyone have their own email or data loss horror stories?"

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