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Comment: When geeks became cool (Score 1) 1521

by maffew (#37217738) Attached to: Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Resigns From Slashdot

Slashdot was the turning point for technology journalism. On Slashdot, the geeks picked the news, and the geeks revelled in the news. It's hard to remember how bad things were before Slashdot. It was ugly out there in tech news land, the news was stale, shallow, irrelevant and patronising, and it was embarassing to be a geek. Now we have so many ways to connect and to dream. Thanks Rob, for leading the pack. Geek pride forever!


+ - Are you using desktop virtualisation?

Submitted by Psiren
Psiren writes: I'm investigating our options for moving towards desktop virtualisation. We moved most of our servers onto VMWare several years ago, and frankly I don't know how I managed without it. Server virtualiation is pretty much the norm now, but it doesn't yet seem to have taken off in the same way on the desktop. I've started looking at VMWare View, Xen Desktop and also Sun Ray's. The Sun Ray demo I was given was very impressive. My question to you all is, are you using (or about to use) desktop virtualisation, and if so, what route did you take? More importantly, was it worth it?

To give an idea of scale, we'd be moving about 100 PC's over, all running Windows 7. The vast majority will be mostly basic office work, nothing too taxing. I like the idea of continuing to use VMWare as it ties in nicely with our server infrastructure, but I suspect the cost may be prohibitive on this small scale.

Comment: Re:Pot? Kettle? Black? (Score 1) 208

by shermozle (#32079064) Attached to: The Shortcomings of Google's Open Handset Alliance

Agains, completly false, there are even 3 apps developed by google (not to mention a youtube client that is included with every iphone/ipad/ipod touch).

Hmmm, I can't seem to find Google Voice in that list.

Comment: Re:Islam is dangerous. (Score 1) 1224

by shermozle (#31951860) Attached to: <em>South Park</em>'s Episode 201 &mdash; the Expurgated Version

If any of you have actually read koran, you will know - it is not only a religious text, intending to govern inner space of an individual. It is a fully laden constitution, complete with civil and criminal law. Everything, ranging from how to distribute inheritance to what 'rights' minorities can have in an islamic society, is tied to concrete rules there.

Sounds a whole lot like how another book reads to me. Except its adherents feel that it's okay to pick and choose which bits they adhere to. You know, gays bad, pork good.

Comment: Re:Still wrong (Score 1) 117

by shermozle (#31430706) Attached to: Linux Takes Over E-Voting In Australian State

How can we check the published program is the one running ?

How can we check paper votes are counted right? How can we check the ballot results are added correctly? Have you ever tried to track how your paper vote is counted?

In Australia, and I'm sure most other democracies, we have a position known as a "scrutineer", appointed by the candidates who are allowed appoint one per polling place. The scrutineer watches the voting process and watches the counting process after the polls close.

I've been a scrutineer, so yes I have tracked the paper votes and how they are counted.

Comment: Re:Reminds me of something (Score 1) 664

by shermozle (#30168522) Attached to: Google Releases Source To Chromium OS

We've had web-based word processors for fifteen years but Google's web-based word processor is different because it's from Google?

It's not different because it's from Google, it's different because Google is behind it. Remember "nobody ever got sacked for choosing IBM"? Well that's Microsoft's biggest lock-in method now. It's not like Office is good at word processing, spreadsheets or presentations. In fact it's lousy at all three and hasn't improved in nearly ten years.

But try getting your boss to move the company across to a platform from Gee Whizz Inc, market cap $20,000. But he's heard of Google. His business magazines constantly gush about them, so they must be good.

Comment: Re:Trackball (Score 1) 225

by shermozle (#29154583) Attached to: New Logitech Dark Field Mice Operate On Glass

Too bad Logitech canned the best one they ever made: Logitech Trackman Marble FX. I owned four of them, but they all eventually died. Now trying the Kensington Expert Mouse (which is, actually, a trackball) but because it's flat, I find it makes my wrist and shoulder sore.

The beauty of the Trackman Marble FX was that it didn't use the thumb on the ball, and the whole thing was tilted at an angle so your hand sat flat, no tilt in the wrist. I'm thinking of putting an angled block under the Kensington device to do the same thing.

Comment: Re:There's a problem here (Score 1) 644

by shermozle (#28131285) Attached to: Asus Slaps Linux In the Face

Yeah because FreeBSD really has an enormously valuable and well-known brand out there in the consumer marketplace. I'm sure Asus have been getting calls all the time from grandmas saying "I'd buy your Eee laptop if it came with FreeBSD."

All your points comparing FreeBSD to Debian are completely bogus. There are very good reasons why Debian decided on the design it uses.

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