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Comment: Re:Give me a break. (Score 1) 244

Change the funding model. Enrollment vs course completion. Have some sort of independant auditing to make sure they are not just rubber-stamping "passed" to masses of kids just to keep that cash flowing. Don't just yank funding away from high failure rate schools...identify and address the problem.

Comment: Give me a break. (Score 1) 244

What is this obcession with attendance? Who gives a crap if the student is there or not? If a minor misses role call, the faculty calls and tells the registered contact. The parent or guardian deals with it if necessary. If you are learning the material and are capable of passing the tests...stay the fuck home for all I care. This is something that has always bothered me. Oh, you score in the top 1% of the class on the tests....but you missed 10 fail. I have the same problem with homework. Oh, you demonstrate mastery of the subject, but you didn't do this huge mass of pointless fail. Even in college they pull this crap.

Comment: Re:Silverlight greatness (Score 5, Insightful) 394

by shemyazaz (#43460405) Attached to: Netflix Wants To Go HTML5, But Not Without DRM

If it were easy for their customers to simply download and save all the movies they're interested in over the space of a month, and then unsubscribe for a few months until the next time they see movies they're interested in, then the entire model would break down - less revenues received, and more money spent on bandwidth per month.

That theory is already debunked. If it were true, Netflix and all the other streaming services would have already failed. Since it is tremendously simple to just hop on over to TPB and grab whatever you want in whatever quality you want it in. People want to pay a reasonable price to have this stuff available legally.

Comment: Wow (Score 1) 259

by shemyazaz (#41734193) Attached to: Pirate Bay Co-Founder In Solitary Confinement
Am I the only one who finds it horrific to use intense psychological tactics like this in such a case? What sort of permanent damage might be caused by long term isolation like this? For what purpose? Is there some loss of life or other high impact event they hope to prevent by sweating information out of this guy? Geez.

Comment: Re:Renting a Computer? (Score 2) 80

by shemyazaz (#41468113) Attached to: FTC And PC Rental Companies Settle In Spying On Users Case
After renting for 30 years you have accomplished nothing. You own nothing. The money is gone. What are you going to do when you are too old and infirm to afford that $320 monthly payment? Buying a house is investing in your own financial future. In the end you will have a tangible asset.

Comment: Re:lengths companies go to (Score 1) 80

by shemyazaz (#41465599) Attached to: FTC And PC Rental Companies Settle In Spying On Users Case
I come from a poor family. My brother is still poor (despite my attempts to help him). Even when not working and living primarily on government benefits he is capable of finding the money to party. This seems to be common amongst the poor. $300 for a laptop wouldn't be a big problem if the proper priorities were in place and some saving was done. But I suppose the inability to do those things is at least in part related to the reason they are poor in the first place.

Comment: Re:Offer people what they want (Score 1) 1004

by shemyazaz (#40066415) Attached to: Who's Pirating Game of Thrones, and Why?
I for one would be willing to pay for physical copies of most anime assuming that two conditions were met: 1. The price must be reasonable. I WILL NOT pay $30 for a DVD with 5 episodes of a 350+ episode series. Just not happening. 2. The translation quality needs to increase. Its sad when a group of people on the internet translating these things for free can provide better quality than a large company with paid translators. I pay for Crunchyroll because its cheap and convenient. The translations are pretty crappy, but simulcasts are nice.

Comment: Re:Pirate bay sucks anyway (Score 1) 601

by shemyazaz (#39999801) Attached to: Microsoft-Funded Startup Aims To Kill BitTorrent Traffic
I've jumped on the crunchyroll bandwagon, although I really wish they would put a little more effort into translation. Sad that a legitimate company with paid translators produces such mediocre translations when a small group of hobbyists working for fun do so much better. They are good enough that I have more or less stopped torrenting anime though. Now they just need s decent J-drama selection. I'd love to be able to do this with shows like Once Upon a Time, and Grimm....but I refuse to pay to watch Hulu's commercials.

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