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Comment: Re:Birmingham Apple Store (Score 1) 375

by shec0002 (#29504041) Attached to: Microsoft Reportedly Poaching Apple Retail Staff

I find it strange the perception of when an apple employee is a "craptard" it isn't apple, but the employee. However when a M$ employee is a "craptard" it is how M$ works. As for M$ poaching, at first I thought it would be a bad idea, to bring white knights into the dark side of the forest, but after thinking about it, I would assume that Apple has hired Business oriented managers, of whom probably most spent their school years using windows, and the Apple fan boys won't think about betraying Lord Jobs, so M$ ends up plucking out the "best" Apple business employees, and leaves the Apple fan boys in charge, most zealots will eventually trip up.

Comment: Re:Truth (Score 3, Insightful) 52

by shec0002 (#18360401) Attached to: Assignment Zero Tests Pro-Am Journalism
"Why is this happening?" I think people don't like the slant that the major news outlets put on stories in any direction, while other people don't think there is enough slant. Major news outlets gave up on journalism long ago. I think an open source view to journalism could really bring more solid facts and less political rhetoric. I agree this is an experiment, but I think they will be closer to the truth, as long as both sides are interested in adding to the information. The current news model says the information is "interactive", but it isn't. Topics that used to be reserved for OpEd, are now put on the front page, if it aligns with the ambitions of someone at the news outlet's agenda.

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