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Comment: Re:Awesome! And good timing for iPhone OS 4 (Score 0) 109 109

I also use Acrobits Softphone and use a Thinktel (http://www.thinktel.ca/en/about/ournetwork) backed Residential provider called Digitel (http://digitalvoice.ca/rateplans.php). They are by far the best and cheapest provider I've tested so far, and their plans include many European and Asian destinations like Skype's. I cannot wait until 4.0 comes out, then I'm dropping my voice plan altogether and switching to just data.

Comment: Re:XP = Vista for upgrade pricing (Score 0) 821 821

Really? Cause I've been running XP64 for about 4 years now and I haven't come across one thing that I can't run. In fact, I have found it's completely the opposite to your statement. In that there are lots of old drivers/games that Vista/7 has problems with, that I can run without problem.

Online Storage 2.0: Six Sites Reviewed 142 142

mikemuch writes "Services like box.net, openomy, and eSnips are more than just places to access your files from the web. Some include media organization tools, Windows shell integration, drag-and-drop uploading, tagging, and social content sharing. ExtremeTech has a review up of six online storage services with Web 2.0 twists."

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