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Comment: Re:Blech (Score 1) 126

by sharsa (#33134836) Attached to: Hands On With the BlackBerry Torch 9800
I disagree. I have my Blackberry 8110 provisioned with BIS/BES and swapping the SIM to a candy-bar style phone still allows data usage. Perhaps this is something different with the MUCH newer models? And I can't vouch for BES support as I don't have another device that would use BES with a SIM card. Perhaps this just a function of my carrier instead of the home office.

+ - Google Implements SSL Search, Not Just for Gmail->

Submitted by sharsa
sharsa (1330245) writes "For years I've used "https://www.google.com", redirected to "http://www.google.com", as my home page, in an attempt to make sure that my first connection to the net is authentic. Google has recently implemented an upgrade to that HTTPS site, now supporting SSL protected searches for a bit of security. It doesn't encrypt the DNS requests, image search or links you get directed to, as their explanation site points out, but for those of you who are more paranoid about your ISP or employers looking over your shoulders, this may be what you're looking for."
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Comment: Re:They don't store your actual fingerprint (Score 1) 578

by sharsa (#31216694) Attached to: Fingerprint Requirement For a Work-Study Job?
Another reason I've come across is when there are multiple employees that are short term, but require access to locked doors/areas/time clocks/whatever. It isn't practical or cost effective to give lots of temp people badges, keys, or complex ID numbers easily faked or forgotten. So biometics allows for a signature that they bring with them. The application of this I ran into was an optical iris scanner, not fingerprint, but the concept can still be applied.

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