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Submission + - SPAM: Managing the Punjab Drug Menace

sharmajyoti writes: Drug issue in Punjab needs attention from political parties, NGO's, institutions and more importantly from local people. Family support also needed for them as they were looked down on in our society.
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Submission + - SPAM: Of civic sense and social ethics

sharmajyoti writes: Now-a-days we see lack of basic civic is high whether driving on roads, in ticket queues or at any other public place. These civic senses should be applied to make a difference the quality of our life and country as a whole.
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Submission + - SPAM: Stronger Road Safety Law

sharmajyoti writes: Make sure Narendra Modi govt put a stronger road safety law in Parliament. Click here [spam URL stripped] to sign the petition and show your support. #NationalRoadSafety
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Submission + - India now ranks as the world's third largest economy (arvindkhanna.com)

sharmajyoti writes: According to World Bank India with 6.4 per cent share of global GDP on a PPP basis becomes world’s third largest economy after United States and China. It helps Planning Commission to take appropriate steps on evolving policies to improve infrastructure across the country.

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