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Comment: Re:Cars are fast enough already (Score 1) 127

by drinkypoo (#47530617) Attached to: Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?

Roads were originally a shared space and the thinking is moving back towards that direction.

It's idiot thinking. Why would you want to share space with the cars? Roads for pedestrians and bicyclists have much lesser requirements than those for cars, so they can be placed not only along much more direct routes, but also along far more pleasant ones because they can run through more environmentally sensitive areas without causing harm. Send the cars out of the way so that they don't bother the bicyclists and pedestrians, and let them have the most desirable and direct routes. The cars are much faster, so they can afford to go around.

Comment: Re:Your next supercar. (Score 1) 127

by drinkypoo (#47530587) Attached to: Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?

Uninformed. Ever hear of Tesla? They are the definition of electric supercars/

A supercar needs to have top speed. It doesn't have to be over 200 mph, but it does need to be up there. Tesla makes zero cars with high top speed. For 5-10k you can buy a used Audi A8 (yes, just the A8 and defeat the limiter to get somewhere between 170 and 180 mph. (All cars not limited to 155 for euro-compliance are limited to 130 mph, for inadequate stock tires, depending on the model.) There are many wonderful things about the Teslas, and how fast do you need to go anyway? But they're not supercars. If I didn't live in the boonies, and range wasn't an issue, I'd like to own one, but they're still not supercars. There's a sports car and a sport tourer without enough range for touring but there's no supercar and no plans to produce one.

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What really needs to be focused on is a method to stop them dead in their tracks whenever they are in striking distance of slower moving objects such as pedestrians and bicyclists.

That's dumb. Pedestrians and bicyclists don't have the same requirements as automobiles, we should focus on keeping them separated. It's not as though they need to share the same space, except where no thought has been given to them.

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Let's turn it around - *some* or "a lot* of people who buy super cars (especially of the electric variety) buy cars for their efficiency (speed/mileage).

There are no electric supercars. Audi is about to bring out an electric R8 with a top speed of 124. My 1989 240SX would get there, if you defeated the rev limiter.

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Android makes it possible to actually replace the launcher. Windows Mobile didn't do that, and that is where they failed.

I'm calling the shenanigans on this one. There were (are...) plenty of launchers for Windows Mobile.

If you knew enough about Windows Mobile to know whether you had a valid point, you'd know that you don't. Explorer is still lurking in the OS, waiting to pop up and make you fuck around with a start menu when your replacement shell shits itself. This sort of thing used to happen in Android, too... way back in 1.6.

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flight attendants are great at finding a place for oversized luggage clogging up the overhead bins.

Bullshit. More than half the time they helped some asshole put it in the bin to begin with. When I show up with my normally-sized piece of carry-on luggage, they'd rather tell me to stow it under the seat in front of me (I'm 6'7" and wear size 16 shoes and that's not fucking happening, bitch) or take it somewhere far away that will make me have to wait much longer to get out of that tiny aluminum can.

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One of my clients is a deaf man who had corrective laser surgery on his eyes. The doctor accidentally blinded him permanently in both eyes. For someone who is deaf, this is devastating blow.

That is a horrifying story, but who the fuck does it on both eyes at once when they're already down a sense? That's insane.

Comment: I had iLASIK about 11 months ago. (Score 2) 524

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iLASIK is done with all lasers, one to make the flap that was previously done by blade, and the usual LASIK after that. Fewer reported complications than with the older blade style. At my six month checkup I was seeing 20/10 from my left eye and 20/15 from my right. I'm 48 and previously wore progressive lenses. They adjusted my right for a closer focal distance.

It all just works, I love it.

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