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Comment: Re:Master of Orion 2 (Score 1) 245

by shane chauhan (#33363738) Attached to: Richest Planetary System Discovered With 7 Planets

Does anyone else remember playing Master of Orion, and finding a planet, where the info-box says "Ultra rich, heavy-G".

I always thought that sounded like a nickname for a gangsta rapper.

Ah yes...I remember playing that game. Really original at the time. A few friends were really into it

Comment: Brings bk memories (Score 1) 89

by shane chauhan (#33220474) Attached to: How <em>Death Rally</em> Got Ported
This game is available for full download from the developer's website last time I checked. The grpahics and top down bird's eye view was one of the features that made the game "stand out" . V simimilar to the first GTA that came out althought that took the top down view to a whole new level in terms of scale being not just a race track but an entire city. Anyways bk to the article - interesting bit of news I didnt know lol

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