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Comment: Re:Possibly because it worked? (Score 1) 519

by shaka999 (#27848507) Attached to: Reliable Male Contraceptive In the Works

Using your logic we'd all be dead at 40.

I don't know who "meant" for me to old but I hope that research lets me lead an active life and avoid cancer, alzheimers, parkinsons, arthritis, and muscle atrophy. You could easily say all of these are just part of the aging process.

How about we reword your sentence

"News flash for all you ladies and gents out there ... you were never meant (by who??) to think/act/reason in your forties (and beyond) like you did in......"

Pretty screwed up.

Ahh hell, what a load of crap.

Comment: Re:If they are still not dimmable they still suck (Score 1) 553

by shaka999 (#26655395) Attached to: LED Lighting As Cheap As CFLs Invented

Normal incandescent bulbs work by lowering the voltage over the bulb. If I understand correctly this isn't a good approach for LED based lighting. You really want to do pulse width modulation (PWM) where you switch the device on/off at different rates to dim the light. A simple circuit in the bulb could do this based on changing voltage but it would add some cost.

Oh, and I'm sure we will have people saying they can see the blinking even if its in the Khz range...

Comment: Re:When will it end? (Score 1) 623

by shaka999 (#26559877) Attached to: Layoffs at Microsoft, Intel, and IBM

Actually this is positive feedback. Negative feedback produces a stable situation. We have negative news feeding back to create more negative news. Thus positive feedback. If negative news created positive results we'd have negative feedback.

No, I'm not anal at all. Just having a hard time stabilizing and amp I'm designing so its on my mind :).

Comment: Re:it's in the sales tax (Score 1) 314

by shaka999 (#26261113) Attached to: Reporting This Holiday Season Their "Best Ever"

You know, the whole tax thing makes me feel bad for local stores. Its really not fair, plain and simple. I don't want to pay taxes....err I mean have a company calculate my taxes for me on online purchases but to be fair they really should.

If the internet companies can't compete when people have to pay taxes then its not a viable business model.

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