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by shaitand (#48189619) Attached to: Developers, IT Still Racking Up (Mostly) High Salaries
"Pedagogy is not a simple subject, and just because you know the material does not, in any way, mean that you can be an effective teacher"

The vast majority of teachers do nothing more than follow along with a textbook. Some paraphrase the material, some simply assign it as reading. Then they'll assign the questions at the end of the chapter as homework. Perhaps they'll have some handout assignments from the teacher version of the text. ANYONE can do that provided they themselves understand the material.

"To be a really good teacher you need to have mastery of the entire discipline so that you understand where every class fits into the overall tableau."

Who said anything about good teachers? But understanding where each class fits in is simply a matter of having worked through the material a few times. Teach the same text book two or three times and you'll have it all memorized and know where every class fits in. You might change it up a bit, skip things, alter things. At that point you are an expert. None of that has anything to do with advanced degrees. The fact that you are "qualified" to teach literally any course with any masters degree regardless of the relevance of your major is proof of that.

"Also, if you think passing the course, or even excelling at the course, gives you the necessary content knowledge to effectively teach it, you are terribly mistaken."

Who said anything about teaching effectively? That has little to do with most of the schools in the US. It means you had the ability to read and comprehend the material. Which means you could do so again and regurgitate that material for students.

"Not to mention the simple case of a student asking you a question that's not in the textbook (which is most of them)."

Read above where I indicated understanding the material, which an A student has done.

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"If the highly paid programmers are skewed towards certain high cost of living markets, then it's fairer to compare salaries against other professions in those same markets, and not nationwide averages."

This is what everybody repeated when I lived in a more rural and lower paying market. It's not really as true as I was led to believe. It's even less true as time goes on. Things cost about the same in Home Depot, Walmart, and when buying from Amazon. Cars cost about the same, gas costs about the same, education costs the same, most everything costs about the same with the exception of housing and that isn't nearly so big a hit if you work in the city then live in suburbs like most people.

In rural Illinois you'd pay $500/month mortgage on a reasonable 3 bedroom home in a safe middle class neighborhood, in Dallas you'd pay maybe $700, in Albuquerque you'd pay $800, in Miami you'd pay $1200. So, the biggest gap there is $700/mo. That's $8,400 a year. You might pay up to $200/mo more on utilities (and that would be a massive and unlikely swing) so that is another $2400. $10,800 difference. If you are getting paid $50,000 a year in Omaha for a job I get $100,000 a year for in Dallas you most definitely are NOT making equivalent money after factoring cost of living. Not even close. You will have dramatically less disposable income.

On the flip side, you don't have to be nearly as good at what you do to stay employed in Omaha. There isn't nearly as much skilled competition.

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"I didn't say that were that important, just that being a teacher requires an advanced degree and they are paid a lot less than programmers."

The type of degree required for the job really isn't relevant. It's true, IT generally doesn't actually require a degree. But there are plenty of people working in IT with degrees, bachelors and masters degrees abound. The people who have them aren't generally any better at the job. If anything they generally have however much time they wasted on slow university learning subtracted from their years of experience. Things that universities dedicate entire courses to are material IT professionals are expected to pick up during the process of using that material to single handedly deploy a project due in 4-6 weeks. Or even figure out on the fly to resolve a problem with a 30 minute SLA. Rinse, repeat, over and over again.

The amount of money you wasted to be taught largely irrelevant material really really slowly and usually in such a manner that you are unable to actually apply it in unique ways to solve real problems shouldn't be a factor in what you make. IT is the oil that keeps a profit making machine running, so they get a piece of the profit left after the leeches (aka sales, senior management, stockholders, etc) take off their chunk.

Teachers generate zero profits. Everything they make is a charitable donation except at for profit institutions. Below university level they serve two functions, one is to be a babysitter, the other is to teach more or less the exact same material from a textbook over and over again, year after year. In a grade school or high school those might be the same textbooks for 10 years. Yes what they do is important but to be a highschool teacher you need to be able to read and comprehend the material in one subject at the grade level of the class being taught. There is no reason they SHOULD need an advanced degree. Anyone who got an A in the course in question is qualified to teach it.

Even some university courses aren't much different. Learn the latest textbook, comprehend it, regurgitate. The books just tend to cycle out more often but they only have to learn the differences.

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For $200 you can get an electrician moonlighting from craigslist to run ethernet drops. One drop from that spot to a closet or convenient central place and drops to key locations around the house. I know, I did it myself not long ago. A decent wifi or powerline setup will cost just as much. And in the case of the wifi you are talking dramatically slower, the speeds you are looking at are ideal max speeds for one link. Wired provides full duplex speeds on a per connection basis. A 100mbps wifi link connecting 8 clients has a total combined bandwidth possibility of 100mbps. A 100mbps ethernet switch with 8 clients plugged in has a total combined bandwidth of 800mbps (it's 8up and 8down but since every 100 up is someone elses 100 down it's still just 800).

I mean sure, you only have one 1 gbps link to google, but you could be streaming a movie from your NAS to your plex client while downloading the latest american horror story without either slowing the other down if you are wired.

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You don't sue people for crimes you imprison them. I can imprison a chimp, how exactly do you imprison a chimp?

Also, you are using misdirection. Corporate person hood refers to more than the ability to hold a corporation liable. It refers to giving the corporation rights and protections in addition to those already enjoyed by the individuals who make up the corporation. The concept taken to it's extreme would give my wife and I (who now hold control of a corporation) an extra vote in an election.

Most importantly, from the liability you aspect you mentioned, is that instead of my wife and I being responsible for the crimes we collectively commit under the umbrella of that piece of paper, the paper is liable. We can do all sorts of unethical and evil using it's name, then fold that paper up and put it away if it doesn't all work out.

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"I think it was lauded as crushing anti-competitive behavior. How is Google shipping their own custom JRE on phones they control 70% of the market for that different?"

For one 70% is nowhere near the market dominance that 96% is. Android is hardly the only game in town on phones and android, unlike windows, is an open platform.

But that is hardly the important issue here. If API's become copyrightable that impacts almost every piece of software... on every platform. You don't have to file to have a copyright they are auto-magic whether registered or not. You scribble a poem on a napkin it is copyrighted.

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Considering people can lie on entry paperwork and use multiple passports that seems rather challenging. How about nations with ebola outbreaks stop letting people leave. The problem isn't ebola spreading to the US. The problem is ebola spreading.

And since ebola has already spread to the US that list should include the US for the time being.

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"Personal data harvesting for contextual ads and content should be a beautiful thing."

You must be insane. Nobody thinks contextual ads are a good thing or a benefit except advertisers and those who sell advertising. Advertising sucks, contextual advertising sucks even more because they are gathering and harvesting my data.

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"2)"believe in Angels". The stidues that I saw for for angel belief in the USA vary from 55 to 75%. So, from a half to a fourth don't have this belief."

55-75% of the population of the United States believes in imaginary and invisible fairies who serve an all-powerful invisible mega fairy. The mega fairy supposedly conveyed messages to illiterate ancient people's indicating that you will suffer for all eternity in the afterlife if you don't choose to believe in the mega fairy by proxy his normal human messengers without any evidence whatsoever but must have "faith." The lack of any evidence or sign is to assist you with believing without any basis for belief aka "faith." Oh, and those messengers want to dedicate their lives to spreading his message, so if you have faith you must give them a certain percentage of the annual income you work for so they can avoid doing any work. Oh and they shouldn't pay taxes because they are dedicated to the big fairy. Oh but you get something in exchange! If you confess all your blackmail material to them, they will forgive you for all your wrongdoings on the magical fairie's behalf so you don't have to feel bad about the horrible things you've done that have hurt others.

Seriously? You don't see ANYTHING wrong with that? There is more evidence for alien abduction and crop circles than any organized religion. That isn't a prejudice it's sanity. And while money grabbing is inflammatory phrasing it is an accurate assessment of what is happening. Even if the person asking for the money is legitimately one of the 55-75% who have somehow gotten this odd idea any of that could be rational or sane that only relegates him to the same rank as the crazy bum begging in the subway.

We don't know one millionth of one percent about anything.