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+ - First year freelancing review->

Submitted by shagymoe
shagymoe (261297) writes "Three years ago, I moved from Toledo, Ohio to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue my dream of working on startups using open source technology. After two years working as a senior software engineer, I quit and decided to try freelancing. This is what happened."
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Comment: Wow...the haters (Score 1) 82

by shagymoe (#26608483) Attached to: <em>Guitar Hero: Metallica</em> Setlist Released

I didn't expect to see so much hate for Metallica. Yes, the black album was marginal and everything after that pretty lame except for Death Magnetic if you can get past the compression issue. Death Magnetic is fucking awesome and the drum work is simply amazing. I used to know how to play every song on every album through the black album on guitar, so I obviously love Metallica and was pretty disappointed with the last few, but to say that Death Magnetic sucks means you either haven't really listened to it or you just don't like Metallica. Funny how people can hate so much and yet they couldn't pluck out mary had a little lamb if their life depended on it.

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