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Comment: Re:Banning doesn't do what they think it does (Score 1) 143

by shadwstalkr (#30445836) Attached to: Australia Could Finally Get R18+ Games

We have a similar situation in the US Senate, where abuse of procedural rules effectively requires at least 60% approval for any legislation. The end result is not cooperation and compromise, but individual senators essentially holding vital legislation hostage to get stuff for their pet projects. Maybe it's because we only have two major parties and winner-take-all elections, maybe it's because we allow bills about many subjects, but it's a dysfunctional system.

Anyway, good luck with your empty seat plan!

Comment: Re:More articles like this please (Score 5, Insightful) 551

by shadwstalkr (#29905437) Attached to: Study Says US Needs Fewer Science Students

Actually you gain the privilege of becoming an administrator for the rest of your career. The only professors I knew who spent a decent amount of time doing real research were retired. The rest spent their time teaching, chasing grant money, and attending meetings. You really have to be a little crazy to go for an academic career these days.

Comment: Re:So we can't afford Patrolling Police Officers.. (Score 1) 419

by shadwstalkr (#29686437) Attached to: Real-LIfe Distributed-Snooping Web Game To Launch In Britain

I'll usually kick the poop into the street, but this might not pass muster with the 'authorities'.

And it shouldn't. Aside from being disgusting for your neighbors, you're spreading whatever diseases and parasites your dog might have. It's really not hard to clean up after your dog.

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