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Comment: Re:done already, and so? (Score 1) 216 216

I think he's saying that if you've been swindled by the false website they'll likely publish a checksum that matches their bogus binary so even if you did do a hash comparison it wouldn't throw up a red flag because it would match the one they're providing. I think you may be assuming that people who are fooled by this have the sense to download from the fraudulent site and hop over to the official site to do a hash comparison. I suspect that's not the case!

Comment: Re: Why? (Score 1) 216 216

I'm very much with you on that. It makes my life bearable given that I can't put Linux on my work lappy due to the whole full disk encryption thing they have going here (financial industry so it makes some sense). My job would be far slower using standalone tools like PuTTY. It's OK for simple SSH access and it has some lovely features for doing things like tunneling (which I use it for sometimes) but for managing a good sized environment where I'm moving stuff around and want to script things it's not really useful. I second the above complaint about the way it does key management too, not a fan of that. Another minor gripe I have is purely aesthetic. I grew up on yellow/amber phosphorus WYSE serial terminals (attached to RS6000's mostly) so I like a nice pale amber as my terminal's primary color, I also like full screen multiple tabbed terminals and though MtPuTTY is out there it's a little clunky IMO. In summary I use Cygwin with mate-terminal as my primary way of connecting to my guests (Linux on z running under z/VM) and it's the optimum way for me. Others might think differently but that's the beauty of open source!

Comment: Open Letter To Hobbyists Part 2 (Score 2) 208 208

This really seems like the 21st century equivalent of Bill Gates' infamous "Open Letter To Hobbyists". It's in the same, moaning spirit but has little of the legitimacy in its complaint. Much as I dislike Mr. Gates and his ilk his point was, at the very least, logically consistent as far as the business model for DOS went. People were sharing the OS and copying the disks which was not how the software was sold, whatever you think about the proprietary model that was the deal and people broke it. These Elementary folks seem to be bemoaning the open model that has allowed them to take the work of others, repackage it and add some of their own work to it for not being a sustainable model for recouping their investment, be it time, effort or monetary. There's a very simple solution to this, if you think that your addition truly consists of sufficient value that something free demands a charge then don't release it for free. You don't have to make the ISO or your repositories freely available, all the GPL requires is that you share the source code, perhaps as part of a paywalled download area or physical media you sell? No, that won't work though. They want to do what SkyOS failed at (except, again, with much less of their original work included) and sell something that only a minority of OS enthusiasts will take on as if it had the power and visibility of a Windows or OS X and now that it's not working they're getting bitter. Elementary OS may be a great product for the Linux newbie but with this kind of thinking in its community it's going nowhere.

Comment: Re:Good? (Score 1) 360 360

I didn't say anything about intending harm, that's all you. A direct, credible threat of violence is a very different thing than an off-color joke. The OP suggested that people should get their "head caved in" for saying something disagreeable. The point I was attempting to make is that just because someone is offended by something you say that doesn't mean that they should be criminalized.

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