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Comment: Re:In Cities where records are kept (Score 1) 554

by shadow349 (#34871140) Attached to: NASA Says 2010 Tied For Warmest Year On Record

Global warming actually means stronger hurricanes

Right, which explains why the Global Accumulated Cyclone Energy index is the lowest in three decades.

Wait, what?

Maybe one of these days you warmistas will finally admit that you have no idea how man-made inputs ultimately affect the climate.

Comment: Re:Why so short bursts? (Score 4, Interesting) 326

by shadow349 (#32362504) Attached to: USAF Scramjet Hits Mach 6, Sets Record

Are these engines so early in development that they really can't get them to be stable and safe for more than 12 seconds?

Are you talking about the scramjet or the events at Kitty Hawk in 1903?

Because Wilbur already had the first chance, Orville took his turn at the controls. His first flight lasted 12 seconds for a total distance of 120 feet (36.5 m) - shorter than the wingspan of a Boeing 707.

Comment: Huh? (Score 5, Informative) 204

by shadow349 (#32336560) Attached to: Airship Inflated To Create Monster "Stratellite"

From TFS:

stratospheric satellite, or 'stratellite,' according to its developers.

From TFA:

The airship is designed to carry payloads of up to 2,000 pounds (907 kg) at altitudes of 20,000 feet (6,096 m).

From Wiki:

The stratosphere is situated between about 10 km (6 miles) and 50 km (31 miles) altitude above the surface at moderate latitudes, while at the poles it starts at about 8 km (5 miles) altitude.

Anyone else see the issue?

Comment: [citation needed] (Score 5, Funny) 65

by shadow349 (#31136598) Attached to: How To Replace FileVault With EncFS


FileVault is a proprietary tool from a big and famous manufacturer. This means that you can be sure that there is a built-in backdoor for government bodies to use, in case you would be a terrorist suspect or trying to seize control by a coup. These backdoors are usually found and used against you in practice.

[citation needed]

Comment: Re:Good data? (Score 2, Informative) 102

by shadow349 (#30005892) Attached to: CDC Adopts Near Real-Time Flu Tracking System

Back in July, the CDC told the states to not to bother to test people for H1N1; they should just count people that appear to have H1N1 symptoms as a positive test result since it is a "OMG! We're all fucked! Pig are flying and they have teh flu!" situation.

Of course, the fact that this overestimates the reported occurence of H1N1 by a factor of 5 to 50 times is of no concern to us peasants.

Comment: Re:Define "Crapware." (Score 2, Interesting) 583

by shadow349 (#29914247) Attached to: Who Installs the Most Crapware?

This line of reasoning begs the definition of "crapware," and the #1 response would be "stuff you don't need on your computer." It doesn't have to slow it down, it doesn't have to have an enormous memory footprint when it's running or a huge disk footprint when it isn't, it just has to be stuff you don't need. And depending who you are, that can be quite a lot.

By that definition, the "crapware" winner would have to be most Linux distros. With the exception of machines that are set up for development / production environment, do you honestly think that most people go through each package, one-by-one to determine their need or do they just select the "Desktop" option (for example)?

The last installation I did had somewhere near 1000 packages and I would put money down that I, as a "power user", have used less than 100 of them. They are there, though, in case I ever need them since disk space is cheap and that really is the only cost for them.

Comment: Re:See ya! (Score 4, Funny) 458

by shadow349 (#29797071) Attached to: SCO Terminates Darl McBride

Remember at the end of the first Star Wars when Luke is jamming down the trench with Vader and his crew looking to bust a cap in his ass but Solo lays the smack down and Vader gets bitch slapped and they blow up the Death Star and they cut back to Vader recovering from a triple lutz doing a "WTF"?

Darl = Darth

Hope that clears it up for you.

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