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Supervolcano Drilling Plan Gets Go-Ahead 109

Posted by Soulskill
from the what-could-possibly-go-wrong dept.
sciencehabit writes "A project to drill deep into the heart of a 'supervolcano' in southern Italy has finally received the green light, despite claims that the drilling would put the population of Naples at risk of small earthquakes or an explosion. Yesterday, Italian news agency ANSA quoted project coordinator Giuseppe De Natale of Italy's National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology as saying that the office of Naples mayor Luigi de Magistris has approved the drilling of a pilot hole 500 meters deep. The project’s organizers originally intended to bore a 4-kilometer-deep well in the area of the caldera late in 2009, but the plan was put on hold by then-mayor Rosa Russo Iervolino after scientists expressed concerns about the risks."

Decryption Keys For HD-DVD Found, Confirmed 473

Posted by kdawson
from the house-of-cards dept.
kad77 writes "It appears that, despite skepticism, 'muslix64' was the real deal. Starting from a riddle posted on pastebin.com, members on the doom9 forum identified the Title key for the HD-DVD release 'Serenity.' Volume Unique Keys and Title keys for other discs followed within hours, confirming that software HD-DVD players, like any common program, store important run-time data in memory. Here's a link to decryption utility and sleuthing info in the original doom9 forum thread. The Fair Use crowd has won Round One; now how will the industry respond?"
Operating Systems

+ - Gentoo goes great on PS3 - see for yourself

Submitted by
Nerbil writes: "So you've spent a lot of cash on a PS3, now its time to make it worth it! Compared to previous Linux distros for the PS3 such as Fedora and Yellow Dog, Gentoo is a cut above the rest. Who wouldn't love to play hi-res media files from their Playstation 3 in 720p/1080i? Find out what makes Gentoo a better alternate OS for the PS3 and how to install it!"

+ - Extension Adds an XGL-Like Effect to Firefox Tabs

Submitted by
jontk writes: "I was just over at CyberNet where they mentioned a Firefox extension called Tab Effect that was just released today. It adds a 3D "cube effect" when switching between tabs and has to be one of the coolest things I've seen since XGL itself. I had no problems getting it to work on my system but the author, along with a few commenters it looks like, ran into some issues with it crashing Firefox. Luckily I didn't have these problems and I can't wait to see this extension get developed even further!"

+ - Micro-level spam research: a new approach

Submitted by
Bert writes: "Spam has been researched a lot. But what The Spam Test is trying to do is turn the spam research around. In stead of looking at e-mail spam on a macro level, the people behind The Spam Test are preparing for an extensive micro-level spam study. In order to get an interesting amount of data they're asking internet users to help them.... by getting them spammed. Even though they are looking at this from the popular side of science, it looks like an interesting view on spam research none the less."

+ - What does your dead man's switch do?

Submitted by
LqdEngineer writes: "How many of the Slashdot crowd use or have used a Dead Man's Switch designed to perform some action if you don't check in for a certain amount of time? Recently, I decided to put one together using MySQL and some Cron jobs, but I wanted to see what others have their Switches set up to do in the event you fail to check in. E-mails to loved ones? Send encryption keys to friends/family? Hate mail to your boss? Has anyone ever been on the receiving end of a Dead Man's e-mail? I can't even imagine how creepy that would feel."

+ - BBC get their interlaced mixed up with progressive

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: It seems that even the technology pundits at the BBC's tommorrows world blog, are spewing forth misinformation to the masses. Apprently 1080i is inferiour as "Many televisions in the last year had a top resolution of 1080i — a slightly less high quality resolution where the lines in the image are shown sequentially instead of all at once in the case of 1080p." http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/technology/2007/01/how_ high_is_high_def.shtml

Google Tops 100 Best Places To Work 317

Posted by kdawson
from the perks-galore dept.
inetsee writes "Fortune Magazine's annual '100 Best Companies to Work For' list is out, and Google topped the list in their debut appearance. Some highlights of the benefits of working for Google that caught my eye were the free gourmet meals and the massages. The chance to spend 20% of your time working on your own personal projects also sounds very appealing. Of course, with resumes rolling in at the rate of thousands a day, the competition is fierce."

+ - Sex lowers stress levels

Submitted by Ice Wewe
Ice Wewe writes: BBCNews has an article on how having penetrative intercourse can help with public speaking.

"New Scientist magazine reports that Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley, found having sex can help keep stress at bay. However, only penetrative intercourse did the trick — other forms of sex had no impact on stress levels at all.

... Volunteers who had had penetrative intercourse were found to be the least stressed, and their blood pressure returned to normal faster than those who had engaged in other forms of sexual activity such as masturbation. "

+ - Free Wireless Access in S.F. a step closer

Submitted by Gyppo
Gyppo writes: San Francisco has signed an agreement with Google and Earthlink to provide free wireless Internet access to The City. As part of the contract, Google would offer free Internet service at 300 kilobits per second. EarthLink would own the network and offer a faster service, at 1 megabit per second, for $21.95 per month. The next step is a vote by the city's board of Supervisors "which promises ample debate over issues of ownership and revenue that could delay or derail the plan."

+ - Web Security Trends Report: 2007 Forecast

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The Web Security Trends Report focuses on dynamic code obfuscation as a method to hide malicious code, a trend that is growing in popularity among hackers as a means of bypassing traditional signature-based solutions in order to propagate malware. The report also describes recent specific incidents of sophisticated hacker attacks that take advantage of Web 2.0 technologies to embed malicious code in high-traffic web sites. In addition, the report includes a review of web security threats that emerged this year and the outlook for security trends in 2007.

interlard - vt., to intersperse; diversify -- Webster's New World Dictionary Of The American Language