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Comment Re:Awwww thats so cute (Score 1) 323

Every year I get spam emails from my acquaintances who use Yahoo, and the inevitable email of shame "Ignore that message, my account was hacked."

The full accounts aren't hacked (i.e., login credentials aren't compromised), but Yahoo has a long-standing security hole through which its users' address books can be accessed. It's trivial to spoof the "From" field, so the intruders make the spam look like it's coming from friends. I emptied all Yahoo address books, and the problem has gone away.

Comment Re:The real insult (Score 1) 387

No to any motor"sport." Horse racing, no. Bike Racing, yes. Simply put, to be a sport, it should require that the majority of the total energy expenditure come from the participant. Unfortunately, under my definition, not only is bowling a sport, but so is competitive eating (already shows up in the sports section of my local paper).

Comment Re:600k? (Score 1) 169

600k is nary a blip on MS' radar. That's not a punishment.

Yes, but if TFA is correct and the person who died was not informed of the live circuit status, you can add two zeroes to the end of that number when the wrongful death lawsuit is filed.

Comment Re:stop being cheap (Score 1) 103

Precisely. I read this post, and heard the voice of Christine Baranski in my head..."So needy." If you're cheap, and really want to promote open source software, write it yourself. You say it's a simple task; just do it, and then share. If you're not willing to pay for the simplicity and ease of something like iMovie (free with every Mac since 1998 or so, so the barrier to entry is below $100), you need to pony up.

Comment Re:NTSB fines? penalties? (Score 2) 83

I would expect that it's classified as some sort of "Experimental" vehicle at this point, for which the usual rules do not apply. So I doubt the FAA has much to do with it either.

No, TFS has it correct. It's classified as "Commercial Spaceflight," and the Federal Government deliberately moved jurisdiction from NASA to the FAA.

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