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Comment Or XP declines ... (Score 1) 315

My "day job" is working for a major retailer, a couple of weeks ago they told us they'd finally had to upgrade all their systems from XP to 7. Given their size that's a substantial drop in market share for XP, but I have no reason to presume they are the only one to finally be upgrading. So did 10 pass XP, or did XP pass 10 going the other way?

Comment Copper pennies (Score 1) 702

Gee, it was my understanding that it has cost more to make a penny than it was worth for several decades - not just since 2006. Mind you, the new pennies (since 2011) have less copper than they used to (see http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2014/12/15/just-how-much-does-it-cost-to-make-a-penny/ ) ... but then again, when was the last time you saw a penny gumball machine anyway?

Comment Warrantless surveillance (Score 1) 395

I think most people expect the government to know everything that happens online - seeing as all the hackers and Russian mafia and so on do. The thing to remember is that warrantless searches are not allowed in court - even as a reason to get a warrant on someone. So unless their surveillance gives them a way to catch you in the act - to arrange for a witness to be there when you commit a crime, a witness who doesn't know about the surveillance - then it doesn't really matter, does it?

Comment I had one too (Score 1) 143

As a mathematician who predates Google, Wikipedia, et al, of course I owned a CRC handbook of Mathematics. Of course, these days the more advanced calculators would have the equivalent data built in - and so would any computer algebra system.

Seems almost ironic the way a rubber manufacturer is more famous for its handbooks, though I suppose you could compare it to an Irish brewery which is better known elsewhere for their book of world records. (Yes, Guinness.)

Comment Why Mars? (Score 2) 295

The whole thing sounds silly when we don't even have a lunar colony yet. If either becomes self-sufficient it will be based on exporting mineral resources, and of course it'll be easier to set up lunar colonies - and easier to transport materials from there to Earth. So let's talk about independence for lunar colonists first.

Comment A smartphone? (Score 1) 198

Seriously? I can't make out the individual pixels on my Nexus 7 Gen 2, which has a 7" 1920x1280 screen (slightly taller than 1080p), and you're putting twice that on a phone with a 4" or 5" screen at best? Then you're moving around 4 times the data as well ... that's ludicrous. Only way it makes any sense is if you plug in a cable and actually send it to a large 4K monitor - and even then you don't actually need a 4K screen on the phone itself.

If your screen only supported 16 bit color depth and you had to dither to get more colors, I guess I could see that. Otherwise, no way.

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