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Comment A smartphone? (Score 1) 198

Seriously? I can't make out the individual pixels on my Nexus 7 Gen 2, which has a 7" 1920x1280 screen (slightly taller than 1080p), and you're putting twice that on a phone with a 4" or 5" screen at best? Then you're moving around 4 times the data as well ... that's ludicrous. Only way it makes any sense is if you plug in a cable and actually send it to a large 4K monitor - and even then you don't actually need a 4K screen on the phone itself.

If your screen only supported 16 bit color depth and you had to dither to get more colors, I guess I could see that. Otherwise, no way.

Comment Legal? (Score 1) 372

I recall a story here within the last couple of days in which a court confirmed that the FTC has authority to go after companies for things like this (as either deceptive trade practices or malfeasance), so I can't see any new laws coming from this.

Reading the stories, much of the embarassment has to do with friends or coworkers finding out - not just spouses. Given the data has already been released where anyone can find it, you could have 10 different people blackmailing the same person - and still not prevent whoever from finding out - so anyone who submits to blackmail over this i a fool. So I had to go for emotional.

Comment Wal-mart (Score 1) 430

... also tells people not to share salary information. Admittedly not going to be in the same range as Google, but still ...

Just last year Wal-mart finally committed to raise all their wages to over $10/hr - by next year, not immediately. But still, next year that cartpusher who helps you with your groceries will be making at least $10/hr.

Comment Talk to the union (Score 1) 165

Government employees have a very strong union that would probably love to have you (and all people in similar positions) as members (which would be required if you are declared employees). So they'd have their legal team handle it for you. Don't care to be a union member? Better drop the question then ...

Comment History (Score 1) 308

I used to have my browser set to clear history every time I close it.

It can only be criminal if you know you are under investigation at the time you do it. If you have some plugin that clear your history automatically or if you're just in the habit of clearing it regularly - or for that matter, if your browser only retains history for 3 days anyway (I used to have one like that) - then I can't see where there is any crime.

Comment I was there ... (Score 1) 167

Shame really. I picked up a copy of Mandrake 7.0 in July of 2000 at the local Staples (office superstore chain), at the time their version numbers were 1 higher than Redhat. They created a host of software tools (all with "drake" in the name), at the time hardrake was the best Linux hardware detection library and was used by several other distros.

A couple of years after that I reported a bug with the installer of the then-new version (8.0). When they wrote me back they asked if I needed help with the bug, I told them that I'd worked around it in terminal mode, so they asked me if I'd like to be a "crash tester" and I said "Sure." They sent me a free copy of 8.0 (which I obviously already had) and a black and yellow shirt featuring a cartoonish penguin crash test dummy. I worked with them for 3-4 years, until they stopped supporting my old hardware. After trying half a dozen other versions, I settled on OpenSUSE for about a year and a half. Once I finally upgraded my hardware I went back to what was then Mandriva.

When Mageia released their own 1.0, I installed that. The next version of Mandriva included the Rosa desktop and was trying to do too much for my system to handle, so I reluctantly said "farewell" and have stuck with Mageia since.

So they left me, a couple of times ... but I'm still sorry to see them close down.

Comment Keychain? (Score 1) 278

Some keys of course, car remote, 3' tape measure, utility knife, a couple of keys for gun locks. Elsewhere ... Leatherman Crunch, change purse, pipe, tobacco, 2 lighters, comb, wallet, pen, stylus, phone - and one pistol that one of those keys fits, though I don't lock it. (The keys are on the keychain so I don't lose them is all.)

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