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Comment: Re:What is MediaGoblin? (Score 1) 22

They could always make it easy to learn how to fiddle with instead of trying to make it meet their concept of good. I hold up the reaction to the Gnome Shell as an example of what can go wrong. Free software is free to me because it has helped me to write software. There is nothing that makes me feel more free than having my apps and content on my servers to be accessed at will. Well, except when my ISP decides it is file sharing or I'm using too much bandwidth.

Comment: Re:Yay for government!!! (Score 2) 137

by sgt scrub (#46776459) Attached to: Industry-Wide Smartphone "Kill Switch" Closer To Reality

1) Snarf IMEI numbers and access devices as they pass by using an exploitable bluetooth bug.

2) Send letter to people telling them you own them and will do evil things to them if they do not pay up.

3) profit ???

4) Send letter to phone service using info snag'd from bug.

My name is Passer Bye. My phone is stolen. The phone info is...

5) Send new letter.

6) profit ???

Comment: Interesting numbers (Score 1) 117

by sgt scrub (#46775821) Attached to: Steam's Most Popular Games

According to steam:

Out of 2,750 titles tracked 4% were interesting/playable to gamers using steam.
I wonder why people are discouraged about buying games without playing them first.

That 4%, the top 110 games, have made approximately $8,000,000,000. And that is just 50% of the sales numbers, "represents about 50 percent of the registered sales on the service".
It doesn't sound like piracy is making much of a impact to me.

Comment: unfair! (Score 1) 195

by sgt scrub (#46702025) Attached to: Comcast Takes 2014 Prize For Worst Company In America

Comcast starts out against Yahoo! and Facebook, two complete weenies compared to the companies Time Warner had to beat get the spot. Take EA, Koch, and Salie Mae, and put them in a blender and you won't get a mixture. All 3 turds have the exact same stink and consistency. It says a lot to see Monsato come out dirtier than a company that fought its way through that pile. Time Warner totally should have won.

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