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Comment Re:Run in emulator (Score 3, Informative) 176 176

The Photoshop code can not be compiled/linked without also having a copy of Apple's MacApp framework. Since the code is written in Object Pascal, you would probably need version 2.0 or earlier of the MacApp framework in order to compile the code using MPW.

Submission + - Swiss millionaire hit by record speed fine-> 2 2

tugfoigel writes: A Swiss millionaire has been handed down a record speeding fine of $290,000 (£180,000) by a court.

The man was reportedly caught driving a red Ferrari Testarossa at 137km/h (85mph) through a village.

The penalty was calculated based on the unnamed motorist's wealth — assessed by the court as $22.7m (£14.1m) — and because he was a repeat offender.

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