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Comment Re:Free WiFi is a trap, news at 11! (Score 1) 178

But I pay for AT&T service and as part of that service they claim access to free wi-fi hotspots of theirs. I think this means that I PAY for these hotspots. So having advertisements in a paid service is obscene (well, more obscene than general purpose advertising). They don't need this side income from their paying customers.

Yeah. Like their ad-free U-verse service. Oh no... wait. Look, advertising isn't the problem. A pre-roll add, or whatever wouldn't be offensive (just annoying). But injecting code into other people's sites. Yeah... not good.

Comment Re:I'm not renewing prime this year... (Score 1) 79

I got that email too and ignored it because I already had Prime. It gives you two things:

1: Free 2 day shipping on any order of $49 or more.
2: Access to certain business and industrial products not available to non-business customers.

If I didn't have Prime, and didn't need any of the non-shipping benefits like music, video, Kindle Lending Library, etc, it'd be a no-brainer, since you get the fast shipping on $50 or more orders, and can continue with smaller orders and paying regular shipping (or free super saver).

Comment Re:I'm not renewing prime this year... (Score 1) 79

This. And though I've had hundreds of shipments from Amazon, personal and business-wise, very few have had problems. And in every case, they've had a replacement out the door to me before I even had the tape on the return box. Probably a quarter of the items I order now are delivered the same day, stuff is arriving on Sundays ... it all just works, and keeps working better as time goes by. Be reasonably intelligent about the sources of third-party listings, and you're done.

Also... they either changed their refund policy, or give better trust to people with long track records. Whenever I've had to return an item, I can credited the same day the tracking number is scanned by a carrier. Used to be you'd have to wait until a day or two after they received the item.

Comment Re:Single sign on is a pita (Score 1) 79

I wanted to use one account for ebooks and another for everything else. Works fine on ios but android has single sign on that can't be disabled.

So.....Now i have two $99 amazon prime subs.

Can anyone please tell me how to break single sign on on android?

Can't you just use Kindle Family Library? Login on your phone to the non-eBook account, which should be able to see the Kindle books via family sharing anyway.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

Apple has over $200 billion in cash, a good desktop OS, and a well known brand. If Apple could get off their horse long enough to see that, they could give Windows a real run for its money. Price is the real problem, Macs are expensive, really expensive, stupid expensive.

Offer a Mac for a reasonable price or license the OS or something, and Windows would have a real challenger.

Yup. 200 billion in cash and most of the industry's profits. They totally need to completely turn over their business model. Unlocked $199 phones, a $299 laptop or even better, license the OS for $50 a head to companies so they can make the hardware money instead of Apple. Seriously... what they are doing works very, very well. Making it a commodity item won't increase their profits, it would dilute them. There is a market for cheaper Apple hardware. It's just not one they want to do.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

You counter the poster's statement of:

OS X on the Mac has FAR more chance of attracting interest from Joe Consumer than Linux does.

By talking about your office:

the small office where I'm presently working went back to Windows

That's not consumer use. That's business use.

Comment Re:lessons in incompetence (Score 1) 591

Not that I agree with the school's decision, but a three day suspension is not a vacation spent watching TV. Bad parenting is a three day vacation spent watching TV. Some school activities call for detention... late to class, cutting a class, talking back to a teacher. Some activities might call for suspension (repeated offenses, violence, etc). Some call for expulsion (knifing a student). I'm not saying threatening someone with a magic spell is a call for suspension, but suspension has it's place. We see it outside of the school system too. I've seen people in an office sent home after a bad argument in a meeting gets out of control (go home, take the rest of the day, cool down). We see it in professional sports. There's a place.

Comment Re:One mile? (Score 1) 784

When I was 12 my parents a couple of times put me on a NJ Transit train in Central NJ. I would ride it alone to Penn Station in New York, where my grandfather would pick me up and take me back to my grandparent's apartment in Brooklyn where I'd spend the night, and travel back home the next day. I guess today that could be child abuse too. Having to walk up the stairs from the platform and meet me Grandfather in the middle of one of the busiest train stations in a city (NYC) that wasn't really quite as safe back then (80s) as it is today.

Oh yeah, I walked to school too for awhile, and used to wander the woods behind our neighborhood with friends.

I'm not sure I'd let me kids (currently a touch younger than the kids in the article) have quite as much free range, but that's just my own paranoid parenting self. I don't want to see other people who believe otherwise lose that freedom.

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