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Submission + - Bill Would Require Patent Trolls to Pay Legal Costs->

sgent writes: Rep. Trent Franks (R) has introduce a bill which would require a loser pays system for patent trolls. It would only require loser pays for companies which aren't actively producing their own technology, and is only effective for hardware and software patents. Apparently it faces little opposition, and hopefully this congress will pass it.
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Submission + - Salesforce.com buys Electronic Medical Records->

sgent writes: "Salesforce.com has bought a minority stake in Practice Fusion — an electronic medical record company. Slashdot has recently had some significant debates over the use of the cloud by physician practices (see yesterday's Slashdot) and thought this should be brought to light. Apparently Practice Fusion already uses the cloud for their clients, and now will transfer it to Salesforce. It will also allow Salesforce to get into the soon to explode EMR market — which was funded with $30 billion in the recent stimulus package."
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Submission + - Teacher convicted imperiling morals due to pop-ups

sgent writes: "A substitute 7th grade teacher faces 40 years in prison after conviction of 4 counts of "impairing the morals of a child". A classroom computer went into a "pop-up loop" displaying porn.

The teacher had complained multiple times to the IT department, and the school allowed their filtering software to lapse. In addition, an expert for the prosecution testified "You have to physically click on it to get to those sites," Smith said. "I think the evidence is overwhelming that she did intend to access those Web sites."

"The pop-ups never went away," Amero testified.

From the Norwich Bulletin or if /.'ed a writeup by Pharyngula."

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