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by sgbett (#45915645) Attached to: UK Benefits System In Deeper Trouble?

Not to mention that stills are the holy grail of 'out of context' editing - whilst the pictures may be accurate, video would be much more compelling.

These guys are bad enough without over egging the pudding. These techniques are how those in power influence the weak minded public. We should not stoop so low as to become their bedfellows in this respect.

Given enough rope, those in power will hang themselves. They seem to be doing a grand job of it. I don't mean to trivialise the unfortunate side effects of this process, but I do think they are somewhat unavoidable. So begin outraged is a little like shouting at the wind. You just have to try and do what you can in your little corner of the world to make things better for you and those around you. However big your corner might be.

+ - Surgeon Simulator: Inside the world's hardest game->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In the space of a few short months, Surgeon Simulator 2013 has attained cult status. A sort of spiritual successor to the maddening QWOP, the PC game requires you to operate the individual fingers of a hapless surgeon in an increasingly absurd set of gore-filled scenarios. What's so remarkable is the turnaround time: the initial prototype came out of a 48 hour game jam, and was released as a commercial game just a month and a half later. A new profile of the studio's founder looks at how Bossa Studios, the London-based development team behind SS 2013, iterates so quickly, as well as what's next from the team, including an iPad version of Surgeon Simulator, and a cross platform MOBA that's half League of Legends, half Mario Kart battle mode."
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+ - Why Does Apple Sabotage the MacBook?->

Submitted by Calindae
Calindae (1256922) writes "We all know that laptop batteries tend to expire before the rest of the computer, losing all capacity or "needing replacement" in as little as two years of everyday usage. For the past 10 or 15 years, Windows laptops have experienced this and keep on working as usual if you have them plugged in with an AC adaptor. Your laptop essentially becomes a desktop, but otherwise you're fine to go about your business. This isn't so with the MacBook."
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+ - FOI Request reveals UK Houses of Parliament workers' passion for adult content->

Submitted by Anita Hunt (lissnup)
Anita Hunt (lissnup) (2913179) writes "Hot on the heels of Dave Cameron's demands to make such content universally "opt-in", the Independent reports "Westminster computers were prevented from accessing sex sites 114,844 times last November alone and on 55,552 in April, while February saw just 15 and in June officials blocked 397 attempts." No explanation has been offered for the variation, although it would be interesting to know if the fall in the number of recorded/reported attempts coincides with the date the FOI request was filed."
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by sgbett (#44631111) Attached to: What's Causing the Rise In Obesity? Everything.

This is absolutely the most accurate post in this thread.

It boils down to calories, if yoour body gets more calories than it needs and/or it gets calories faster than it needs then it has to do something with them.

It stores them for later. As fat.

"processed" food lets both these things happen.

"unprocessed" food mitigates this.

There's that whole thing about cooking food allowing us to evolve because it meant we could eat more, get more nutrients etc well this is just taking that one step further. Not only do we cook it, but we refine it so that its easy to get a several thousand calorie surplus every day, and still go back for more. The super obese are great case studies in this, and a testemant to the efficiency of the human body in dealing with whatever we throw at it!

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