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Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 482 482

It should be noted that no updates will go out to regular users until they have been vetted through several rings of testing, including over a million people in the Insider Program. Not quite a guarantee that there won't be any problems, but it's not quite so reckless as it's often made to sound.

I was in the Insiders Program since last October. It was fun testing the new builds as they came out, but... I'm sticking with Windows 7. No doubt I'll get 10 on my next computer, and I know how to make it work the way I want - for now I just prefer the look and feel and performance of 7.

Comment Re:Drones (Score 1) 1169 1169

Oh come on. A drone buzzing around your backyard recording your private doings is not analogous to a satellite. As for banning cars that take pictures for Google, that's not remotely analogous or applicable, nor the case of tourists taking a picture in front of your house. And it's not a matter of 'technology, boo'. It's a matter of civility, and as a matter of fact you do have certain rights and expectations of privacy.

No one is going to fly a drone over my property, recording what I'm doing, possibly carrying a gun, and who knows what else. It's private spying and snooping, pernicious and threatening. No one has a right to do that, and I have a right to blast it out of the sky. A right that I will cheerfully exercise should some idiot send one over my way.

Comment Meredith was totally within his rights (Score 2) 1169 1169

Meredith was totally within his rights - his private property was being invaded. Fuck the owners of the drone - they are idiots, and the true criminals in this case. If someone flies a drone over my property, it's toast. And I'll fight any legal nonsense that ensues right on up to the Supreme Court (for what that's worth). This has to be gotten under control, now. People have NO RIGHT to fly their drones over private property. They could be recording video, they could even be toting firearms. Shoot first, ask questions later.

Comment If a drone flies over my property... (Score 1) 102 102

... the shotgun comes out. And I'm a good shot. Who the hell gave these clowns the right to fly their drones wherever they please? It's getting absurd - it's gotten to where they are shutting down wildfire-fighting efforts out West by buzzing the firefighting aircraft. They should shoot them down, find the owner, arrest their ass, and throw them in jail for a few months to think about what utter shitheads they are. Recently some asshole mounted a handgun on a drone with a solenoid mechanism to fire it. WTF? He needs some quiet time to think as well.

No, I see a drone, it's shoot first and ask questions later.

Comment Re:I doubt it. (Score 1) 89 89

'If anything an ability to efficiently metabolize alcohol efficiently drastically reduces the effects, probably indicating that at some point in the past overripe fruit became a large portion of our ancestors diet, and the ability to "hold our liquor" gave a survival advantage whenever predators discovered the drunken tribe. '

Dude, that was sort of the point of the article.

Comment Re:Birds Get Drunk Too, and maybe the squirrels (Score 2) 89 89

On the street where I grew up there was a big mulberry tree that put out huge amounts of fruit. Which inevitably dropped on the ground and fermented - just walking past it you could smell alcohol. The birds used to get snot-hanging drunk off of this stuff, especially the bluejays. You'd see them walking down the street because they just couldn't get it together enough to fly. Nothing new under the sun.

Comment Re:Of course it did (Score 4, Insightful) 89 89

You speak as though 'selective breeding' is some sort of conscious thing where you do the selecting. Evolution has its own ideas (metaphorically - I'm not getting all teleological on you). But seriously, selectively breeding for what? Things change, selective pressures change, what's adaptive in your eyes might not be in the long run. Keep throwing the dice! ;-)

Comment A quick-thinking, comic genius (Score 1) 82 82

I loved Car Talk, still do, and it's still an integral part of my Saturday morning errands as I drive my truck around to the dump and so forth (I live in the sticks, so I do a lot of driving). After years (decades) of listening to those guys, I felt like I knew them. They made me laugh through some pretty grim times of my life.

So I am quite saddened to hear of Tommy's passing, and I feel for the families. He brought me a lot of good cheer. I had really hoped to meet him one day and have a beer or three. Oh well.

Comment Peter Thiel is on a book tour or something... (Score 4, Insightful) 238 238

This Thiel character has been all over the place these past couple of weeks - talk shows, opinion columns, etc. He is a real techno-cornucopian cheerleader, but does not seem to be a particularly deep thinker.

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